7 Things Face Mapping Can Tell You About Your Health


The term “face mapping” comes from China and it has been known for centuries. As its name suggests, this method divides the face into sections and these sections help find out if a person has health problems. Each section corresponds to a certain organ or a system. However, only trained professionals can be absolutely sure if a person has a certain health problem. Here is a list of all the sections of your face and to which part of your body they correspond. You can even try to play a doctor and find it yourself what is the problem.

1 Forehead

The first and the biggest zone of the face mapping is the forehead. Some women have bangs and they do not pay so much attention to their forehead because it is somehow hidden. Other women with bangs think that this is the reason why they have small zits on their forehead. This zone, however, is linked to the digestive system. If you have acne or other kind of zits that are constantly reappearing you might suffer from digestive imbalance. How to heal yourself them? Change your diet. Forget about all the junk food you like and start eating more fruits and vegetables. Do not forget also to drink a lot of water so to stay hydrated. With water you can get rid of all the toxins in the body.

2 Between your eyes

The zone between your eyes, in other words, part of the nose, is linked to the liver. The liver does a lot of work in our body. Its main job is to filter the blood coming from the digestive tract before passing to the rest of the body. This means that it actually cleans the blood from all its toxic and unhealthy components. The liver also detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes drugs. So, now you know that is you have some kind of acne between your eyes then it means that something is wrong with your liver. This could be triggered by food intolerance or allergies. So, be careful with all the alcohol and diary products.

3 Ears and eyes

Have you noticed any spots around your ears? Or do you have dark circles under your eyes? This may mean that you have problems with your kidneys. It is true that a lot of people nowadays “suffer” from dark circles under the eyes because of stress, not getting enough sleep, or exposure to sunlight. However, in combination with spots around your ears, you should definitely start thinking about your kidneys. You could be dehydrated. So, try drinking more water and not any kinds of liquids like coffees and juices. Also try to avoid salty food because they keep water in your organism.

4 Nose

The way your nose takes central part in your face, the same way you can find our to which organ it is connected to. This, of course, is the heart – the central organ in your body. Examine your nose carefully. Does it have large pores, black spots or acne? Then you should think about the health of your heart. This could be a sign that you have high blood pressure and you should take care of it. Start with the basic health tips. Relax more and eat healthy food. You could start doing some yoga and if you overwork learn to take vacations from time to time. As for the food, forget about all the junk food and start eating more fruits and vegetables. Also, if members of your family have heart diseases, you should go and check your heart condition regularly.


5 Upper cheeks

If you have any spots or other kinds of acne on your upper cheeks, this may mean that you have some respiratory problems because the upper cheeks correspond to the lungs. Smokers usually have such problems and needless you say, smoking is bad for you, and it shows on your skin. If, on the other hand, you are not a smoker and still have some skin problems on the upper cheeks, this may mean that you inhabit an area with bad air quality. So, if you want to cure yourself from this disease, then you should spend more time in places with fresh air. You can also do some kind of light exercises.

6 Chin

Skin problems affecting your chin could mean that you are suffering from nutritional imbalance. In other words, according to the face mapping, the chin corresponds to the stomach. This is a sign and a warning that your diet should be immediately improved. Switch to a balanced diet that has a lot of fibers so that it can help you detox your system.

7 Jawline

Many women have noticed that in a certain period of the month, their jaw lines tend to have a number of zits. This happens because of their hormones. In other words, jawlines correspond to the hormone levels. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do prevent this from happening, but you can at least take good care of your skin, clean it regularly and apply face lotions or face creams. They will do quite a good job on your face.