7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Deodorant


When we go deodorant shopping we rarely consider a lot of important things that go with this choice. We often look at the price or we want to like only the scent of it. But we do not realize that there are more than just these two things to consider when we buy a deodorant. And we just cannot do without one, especially in the summer heat. Here are the top things to look for when you go buy a deodorant. Grab it, put it in your purse and you do not have to worry about any unpleasant smells.

1 How much you sweat

Some people tend to sweat more than others, which is not a bad thing, but for sure is very unpleasant. You have to be careful what kind of clothes you are wearing so that it does not show thought them the sweat, and you should also consider the smell. If you have such kind of problem, then it would be better for you if you start using antiperspirant instead of your old deodorant. If, on the other hand, you do not tend to sweat very much, but suddenly this change and you feel like you are some kind of a waterfall, then the best solution for you is to stop using your old deodorant and get a new one. Maybe your body has got used to it and it does not do his job properly. And if you sweat only when you are very active then you do not have a problem with sweating and you can continue using your favorite deodorant.

2 Which types of deodorant to buy

This is the easiest thing you should consider when you buy a deodorant because it depends only on your personal choice. As you know, there are some basic types of deodorants: gel, spray, roll on and stick. Some people do not like spray deodorants because of the unpleasant itchy feeling they get. Other people also do not like sprays because this one helps the ozone hole get bigger. But again this is your personal choice and you have the freedom to choose.

3 Alcohol content

In most deodorants there is a certain amount of alcohol content. This is so because the alcohol in the deodorants kills the bacteria that gets out with the sweat on the surface of your skin. Usually there is nothing scary about applying this amount of alcohol on your skin but if your skin is too gentle you may end up having some rashes on your armpits. You may also feel them itchy and uncomfortable. If you see that this is happening to your skin, then you should react immediately. Stop using this deodorant and get a new one, alcohol free.

4 The scent

This is again one of the easiest things you should consider when you buy a deodorant. This is the scent of it. You should only take into consideration your personal preferences. You would probably have a personal favorite, but at some point, when you get tired of it, you would want to try another one. When you go deodorant shopping smell all of them, or at least those you think you would like. Usually you can get a sense of the smell only by smelling the lid of the bottle. If you do not like it, just do not buy it.

5 Will it work for you

Unfortunately, as I already mentioned, not only your personal preferences play a role. You may love the scent of a given deodorant, but if does not protect you from the odor and all the sweating, why would you want to continue using it? The thing you need to do is try another one, and another one, until you finally find the perfect one for you. This may mean that you could spend a large amount of money, but the important thing is that the result is what it counts.

6 What are the ingredients

Many people do not read what the ingredients in their deodorant are. Which is not a good idea. It is always better to know what exactly you are applying to your body. This goes for those of you who have some kind of allergies or have too sensitive skin that can go red extremely easy. If you do not want to use these deodorants you can always find more organic their version in some shops.

7 Safety first

In the past people claimed that wearing a deodorant every day can get you a cancer, like, for example, breast cancer. Today, scientists have proven this statement wrong. But there are still some things you should have in mind which consider your health, like triclosan. Even though there are some dangerous ingredients, doctors do not ban using deodorants, so you should not give them up any time soon.