Alternative Destinations For American Travellers


New year-new beginning. Probably you have already prepared your resolutions list for 2015. Dalai Lama says: “Once a year go someplace you have never been before”. And, let’s face it, we have no objections against it. But the question is “where”. It has to be something that we have not been before but still you to be able to afford it. If you are tired of visiting the old American spots every year, here are some alternative destinations that you will like and won’t be that crowded.

Not Los Angeles, California but Sydney, Australia
If you have seen everything that Los Angeles can show to you but still want to have similar experiences, then go to Sydney, Australia. This is the most popular city in the country even though it is not the capital. The gorgeous beaches will remind you of home only without the great number of celebrities. While you are there you can also visit the famous Opera House, which is the symbol of the city and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. And even try some shark diving, that is, if you are not afraid.

Not Cancun, Mexico but Ibiza, Spain
If you are a fan of Cancun’s nightlife, you will definitely like Ibiza.The numerous discos, nightclubs, bars and casinos will give you the same party atmosphere only in the Old Continent. The party season is from June to October, so you have no excuse not to try your Spanish. It is still like Cancun but only better. You can party all night long and in the morning you can taste the great Mediterranean atmosphere and cuisine, of course.

Not Hawaii but St. Lucia
St. Lucia is a small island, part of the Caribbean islands. The cultural festivals, beach barbeques, and popular folk music will remind you of Hawaii. And the best part is that there are volcanoes in St. Lucia, as well! Talk about similarities… Celebrities also like St. Lucia. Geri Halli well was recently caught “fishing” there. She posed with a tiny fish in front of the camera. Let’s hope she has more success next time.

Not Miami, Florida but Montevideo, Uruguay
There you will find the same things Miami has to offer, like its nightlife, together with the Latin vibe. The Uruguayan capital has a great tourist activity. You can even mistake it with Miami when you see the high buildings along the beach lines. And besides, the good news for all of you that are liberally-oriented is that in Montevideo marijuana and same-sex marriage are now legal there. Just to have it in mind.

Not New York but Toronto, Ontario, Canada
New York is New York, there is no doubt about that. No city can substitute the Big Apple. But still Toronto and Ontario resemble New York with their various neighborhoods, theaters, live music performances, multicultural population, a great number of vintage shops and nightclubs that can make you party all night long, until the sun rises.