Attention – Rashes!


Many people do not consider their skin as a kind of a body organ. And actually they are wrong.

The skin does play a huge part in maintaining our health. If it wasn’t for it, our organs and muscles would have been exposed to the environment and all its negative effects. Your skin is like an outer mirror to your interior organs.

If it is fresh and healthy then you must be healthy and if it has some kind of rashes, then you must have a problem with your health. One of the easiest way to find out you have a problem with your body is through the skin.

An interesting study has shown that you can find out what is wrong with your interior organs just by the skin of your face.

If you constantly have rashes on the one and same position, whether they are on your forehead, your nose, chin, then something is wrong with your organs, like lungs, heart or liver. This is one of the hundreds of reasons why you have rashes. Here is a list with the top reasons why rashes occur and how you can protect yourself from them.

The top reasons why rashes occur

It does not matter whether you are young or old, man or a woman, rashes can find you and attack every part of your body, sometimes even places where you have never thought they might have occurred. Rashes come either from some innocent bacteria, or are a result of a dangerous illness like scabies, chicken pox, or hives. It is not even uncommon that rashes are the result of meningitis, anaphylactic shock and severe allergic reactions. So you can never be too careful with rashes. Do not think that your doctor will only laugh at you because you have some rash. On the contrary, they will be proud of your respect for your health.

There is no definite time of the year that you could have rashes. If could happen in every season. They could also last for a long time, or could disappear as fast as they have occurred. This depends on the rash and the reason it has occurred in your body, but it depends also on your type of skin. If it is too gentle, it may take longer time to cure.

As I already mentioned, it is not necessary that whenever you have a rash it is only because of a skin problem. Some diseases have side effects which can affect a completely different part of your body which it does not have anything to do with the real problem. With some rashes it is the same. They could be also allergic reaction to some medicine intake. Skin rashes may be related to acne, stress, psoriasis, eczema, fungal infections, rubella, measles, Lyme disease.

Although you could have a rash throughout the year, in every month and during every season. The number of people who have rashes usually increases in the summer when the skin is much more exposed to the surrounding environment, including the sun. The hundreds of bugs that “wake up” in this time of the year are also to blame for a person’s rashes. You may wake up one morning with some strange small zits on your face, which turn out to be from a bug. You can never be too careful with them, so I suggest you buy a spray that will keep them away from you.

A large number of people have rashes after they have spent the night in a hotel where the hygiene was not the best you could find, or the guests were allergic to the products the staff has used to clean both the room and the linen. When a person goes some place new, to have a vacation, they could also end up having a rash, but this time not only from the things their skin has touched upon, but because of the food. Some people have allergic reactions after they have tasted strawberries, eggs, meat, milk, fish and seafood, cocoa, chocolate, nuts, and some vegetables.

What are the most common symptoms of rashes

Do not forget that the rashes are not the central part of the problem your body has. They are just the result that occurs in the surface and not the actual disease. When you have had rashes you have probably noticed that they do not come alone, but with a bunch of other unpleasant friends like red eyes, fever, running nose and cough.

What kind of treatment to try?

The best treatment for skin rashes is first of all to get rid of the allergen that has provoked the disease. After you have done this try with sticking to a healthy diet. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and forget about oily and greasy dishes that may only make the rashes worse. You can also you some kind of antihistamine ointments which to apply on the rashes directly. If they turn out to be more severe, you should go to see a doctor.