Best Tips For Hiding Your Body Flaws


It does not matter how beautiful one person is, how tall, slender, with great facial features, they have flaws. Do not think that you are the only one who has some extra pounds, or that some of the “perfect-looking” girls you see every day are actually perfect.

The truth is that they know the secret of knowing how to hide their body flaws. So, stop blaming your bad luck or your parents for giving you bad DNA, and just follow these simple but very effective rules.

Flaw 1: Small Breasts

Some women with big breast wish they had smaller ones, because big breasts can sometimes get in your way, especially if you do some exercises. For others, small breasts are a flaw and they want to hide it.

If you are one of these women, then here are some ways you can hide your small breasts. Do not wear tops with plunging neckline, never. Try not to expose this part of your body.

Instead, you should wear tops with high necklines to make the illusion that your breasts are not small.

You can also wear scarves to hide your breasts, or ruffles, collars and bows make some extra volume at the top. Another way you can hide your flaw is to draw the attention away from it. Do this by accentuating on a part of your body you love. You can wear a big belt or a big hand bag to trick the eyes. You can also wear push-up bras that can help you.

Flaw 2: Big Breasts

On the other end of the line are women with big breasts. You may think why would they want to hide something that nature gave them so generously, but some of them do not feel comfortable with these two buddies, especially if people keep looking at them.

If you want to hide your big breasts start with trying not to wear clothes that press your breasts together because they will look even bigger. You should also avoid extra fabric on the area around your breasts.

Also wear clothes with darker colors, like brown and black, if not the whole of your outfit, then at least the area around the breasts. Wrap dresses and tops are your friends, they will help you set the breast apart and will create the illusion of smaller ones.

Flaw 3: Big Booty and Hips

This is one of the popular woman’s flaws which they hate but men are fond of, especially if we talk about the booty.

But if you still consider it a flaw, here is how to hide it. Do not wear miniskirts or shorts that will expose more of your skin than what you will be comfortable with.

The darker the color of your pants and skirts are the better. Speaking of skirts, you can absolutely wear them, including dresses. They are one of the best ways of hiding hips because people cannot see where they end or begin.

If you, on the other hand, prefer to wear pants, then wear them with a longer top, there are such tops that are longer at the back and hide the booty.

You can also wear a tighter jeans and pants that will push your hips together, and the booty as well.

Flaw 4: Short Legs

The first thought that comes to your mind probably when you think about a solution for short legs is high heels. They are very helpful, and, of course, would make a person appear not only taller, but slimmer, as well.

If you are not a fan of the high heels because your feet hurt too much, then you may try some of the other tricks for hiding short legs. You can absolutely wear mini skirts, especially if your legs are slim.

You can also wear long skirts and dresses, because they will make you look longer and leaner. But you should definitely avoid medium-length dresses and skirts because you will look even shorter with them.

Another thing you should avoid is wearing trousers with a lot of pockets, or such that is wider at the hips, or are like Charleston trousers that are wider around the ankle. The more fabric there is, the wider you will look, and the wider you look, the shorter you will appear. So, remember this is a no-no.