Clear Your Body In 10 Steps

healthy body

At the beginning of the New Year, your body needs total clearing program for boosting up your mood and look. Such a treatment will help you return your inner energy and happy thoughts. It will also remove the toxins which are responsible for the winter blues and depression thoughts. And as a bonus, you will lose a few pounds.

I suggest you a few simple steps, which will help you go through the cleansing treatment.

Follow them strictly and be patient, because the results won’t come right away. Just follow the rhythm of your organism. The most important thing is to keep the balance.

  • The first step requires some limitations. Limit the intake of salty and sweet foods, also, processed and canned food. Increase the level of intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly squeezed juices and whole-grained foods. Don’t skip the breakfast, but eat something light which will keep you fed up till the lunch. Example: fruit smoothie, oatmeal, yogurt. For lunch you can choose a soup and salad with a lot of vegetables and nuts. The dinner must be meatless. The only meat you should eat is the fish.
  • Choose one fasting day in the week. During that day you will free your body from any kind of foods, which will help the digestive system to relax. Drink only water and freshly squeezed juices. You can also drink teas with honey, no sugar allowed.
  • The water must be your best friend, because it helps to remove toxins from the body. Drink at least 2 l water per day. Start the day with a glass full of warm water and half lemon juice. This beverage will help you to clean the toxins from your body faster, the digestive system will start its work early in the morning and the breakfast will be taken better when the stomach made its stretching morning routine.
  • Switch the coffee with herbal tea. Caffeine in the coffee, black tea and sweets stress the body and doesn’t allow it to absorb the valuable nutrients. Also, also has a bad influence on the endocrine glands and the metabolism.
  • Keep moving. You have to give your body some kind of physical exercises every day. You can do something light and short, but the important thing is to keep moving your body. You can walk fast for half an hour or do some jogging, ice skating, hiking, yoga, aerobics –  you have a lot of opportunities.
  • Do some stretches. The yoga is the perfect way to stretch your body and inner organs. The stretching promotes blood flow to the inner organs of the body and helps the digestion.
  • Pay attention to the skin. Through the pores of the skin we can easily throw away the toxins. You can achieve this with sauna treatments, because the sweating throws away the dirt from the body. Also, exfoliate the body skin regularly.
  • Give your body enough rest and sleep. That’s the most important step of the whole procedure, because the rested body will work perfectly.