Do Not Overdo With These Beauty Tools


The beauty tools are not toys to play with for an undefined time. You have to be careful with them in order to save the health of your hair or your skin. See the rules about the time you should use a certain beauty tools:

Eyelash Curler. Well, you can’t actually harm your lashes with a steel curler, but you can make an unwanted effect – too curly lashes. This effect is bad, because it makes the lashes look even shorter, which is not the main purpose of the curler. The eyelash curler has to make a nice curve of your lash line in order to make them appear longer, thicker and sexier. That’s why you should know the exact proper time for holding the pinch on the lashes, and this time is 3 seconds per section. Take the curler, pinch the lashes and count to three, or set a timer if you don’t trust your seconds-counting sense. Another trick for counting seconds is the Mississippi style – 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi and so on.

Facial cleansing brush. You perfectly know that a finger rubbing cleansing on the facial skin can’t bring the same feel of deeply cleaned skin as the cleansing brush does. But you must be careful with that brush, otherwise you will overdo with the cleaning and the skin might get damaged. It is absolutely enough to scrub your face with a cleansing brush for 1 minute, it’s powerful enough for all the dirt, makeup and oil removing treatment for only 60 seconds. Again, set that timer!

Curling iron. My first advice for the curling iron (and any other heating beauty tool) is to apply thermal protector before any heat treatment on your hair. Then you should analyze the type of your hair, because the seconds per hold depends on the hair. If you have thick hair you can hold the barrel for 5-7 seconds and for normal and thin hair – 3 to 5 seconds. But the rule is never to go pass through 10 seconds. Be careful with the heat!

Straightener. It’s highly important to straighten the strand from the first try, because it is forbidden to redo the same strand again with the heath of the flat iron. And to do it right at the first time you should know the needed time for a proper straightening without damaging the hair too bad – a few seconds per sections. The key is to straighten the strand in one continues motion without stopping and without repeating. This should take no more than 3-4 seconds, but for extra-long hair the time could reach up to 10 seconds.

That’s all I can tell you so far. The moment I learn something else, I will share it first with you, girls! Have fun and be careful with your beauty tools. See you all soon!

© Tanouchka