Do That in Your 20s And Your 30s Will Be a Blast


Out 20s are the crazy times, we really get to live and experience much of everything. But we kind of have to remind ourselves that our lives should continue after our 20s and probably we should think about that, at least a little bit. There are some very simple things you can do right now in your life, that will benefit you in the future – in your 30s and this will reflect in the rest of your life.

  • Start drinking MORE water

No matter how much water you drink or think that you do, probably you don’t drink enough. Did you know that any coffee, soda or alcohol beverage kind of eliminates most of the water you have drank? Yes, that’s right. The best thing you could do for yourself is to download a Water balance app (available for IOS and Android) and carefully follow some indications there. This will keep your heart and brain in a healthy position.

  • Exercise

It was great being free of any thinking about the future and your body and health till you were a kid and a teenager. But once you get older and older you should start working out. Why? Well, you won’t always be young and feel good. If you don’t train your body with the years, becoming more and more you will start to always feel tired and your body will age faster, than if you exercise, at least a bit.

  • Know!

Reading a newspaper a day will give you a knowledge you really do need. In order to have success you have to know your stuff. What happens in the country where you live and around the world. At least the basic things. This will build you a good base of knowledge for the future – in your 30s or even 50s you will know what to say when your kids ask you for something historic. You can start buying a newspaper or even read it online. The important things is to know!

  • Wear sunscreen

Most young people don’t think about that, but the sun is very dangerous. First of all it is the reason we get wrinkles, dark spots, freckles and stuff. Also have you heard about melanoma? Yes, it is caused by the sun too. So unless you want to have problems with your skin and feel like an old lady at 35, start wearing protection. And loads of it. Because you will regret it later (ask any woman in her 30s).

  • Learn how to cook

Well, this is one of the options, the other one (that I find better) – marry someone who can cook. But let’s not go that far. But try to learn to cook the basics. Then upgrade. Because you know you can’t live on a take out for the rest of your life. And it is better to learn how doing that while you are young. Then when you have a kid, you can prepare it dinner and stuff.

  • Travel

A well travel person is somebody you would like to know. Then it is somebody you would like to be. Of course, when you were in the 20s you can’t travel around the world by private planes, sleep at 5 star hotels and things like that. You will sleep in hostels, travel, low coast and eat on the go. But you will have seen the world and that is the best way to know stuff and grow as a person. And the best thing you can do for yourself – at least once make a trip by yourself, to a place you have never been before.

  • Take risks

Taking risks is not for when you are old. Take a career risk, make changes. Try new things so that you find what is for you. Take the risk of doing sky diving. Take risks in love. Do all crazy things you thought you will never do. Of course, this is unless you have children. Once you have children you have to think about them. But if you have the option – do it! Everything that comes to mind!