Farewell Christmas Stress!


Preparation for family and most revered holiday can quickly capture our thoughts and bring us a lot of tension. But not with the following very simple but effective tips! Every year the same: Christmas knocking at our door more strongly and all of a sudden it overwhelms a constant unsettling and stressful condition. Everyone rushes to the shops to get the necessary products for the festive table and find the perfect Christmas gifts for their loved ones. All this gets tired – physically and mentally. So that sometimes you just dream for the holidays to already be coming to an end. Because we will be finished with everything that we had to do until then: sending postcards and parcels, cleaning the house, several day preparing Christmas meals, packaging of gifts, decoration of the Christmas tree and the whole house and, and, and, and … . Season family holidays do not have to run so stressful and make a person reluctant to them! Those who follow these tips, we promise that you really can relax and experience true comfort and relaxation during the actual Christmas and New Year holidays, and in the remaining days to them.

Overall preparations for the holidays in no case should weigh only one person! Everyone in the family can help, even with something small. You just ask grandma if she will be responsible for baking Christmas cakes with the children, your partner can take care of the tree and drinks for the holiday. This way you can now scratch out these things on your list.

You do not have any desire to mix with the crowd in all the malls and stores? No problem! While relaxing on the couch with a glass of mulled wine log in several online stores, check and order gifts for part of the family or even for all. Surprisingly, here you can find almost anything you are looking for!

Despite the everyday stress and festive fever, each person must always provide for himself some, albeit small, pause. A good book or visit to the sauna can get you a great rechargeable energy dose and thus make it easier and more enthusiastic to continue with the Christmas preparations.

Are you left with a few days of sick leave that anyway you must use until the end of the year? Great! Make sure you get the night before Christmas to yourself to have enough time for shopping and final preparations – and peace!

Who does not want to spend all day 24 hours in the kitchen, can advance (the day before) to prepare some of the things – vegetable soup, some salads, desserts, punch. If you prepare in advance also the products that you will need for the next day, it will surely save a lot of time on the day itself.

That’s it! Christmas is here and the whole family gathers around the Christmas tree, around the festive table, unwrapped gifts – and now? It’s best to plan joint activities with the whole family like a walk in the park, in the mountains, visiting a Christmas market or a cultural event.

© lily