Feel Good and Look Great With These Little Beauty Tricks


Every girl should take good care of her beauty, because it gives confidence and good quality amount of self-esteem. You may be as beautiful as Aphrodite, but those little beauty hacks will help you keep that beauty for really long time. The basics are simple – skin, hair, teeth and nails. And often the best maintaining treatments are the healthy and proper eating and enough physical exercises. But there are times when the food and the workouts aren’t working well enough for our appearance. That’s the time when the beauty tricks are coming for help.

When you treat your face with cleansing and anti-aging products, do you cover every little part of it? If not, you are making a huge mistake. Your skincare products must be applied all over the face in order to prevent aging marks on some spots that you neglect on purpose. And the motions of the application must be done properly. Apply the products from the perimeter of the face to the center parts. The dermatologists say that they see most skin damage in the areas of the jawline and the hairline. That’s because the women apply more product on the center of the face and they forget and neglect the periphery.

A glowing skin could be achieved with an appropriate piece of jewelry. Choose long, decorated with gems and embellishments earring. They will call the light and it will mirror in your skin, which will cause nice, glowing skin with an even complexion.

A liquid highlighter will hide your wrinkles and it will even out the skin complexion. Dap on some of the highlighter on the deepest wrinkled areas and blend in outward.

If you have the feeling of yellowish teeth, don’t hurry up to the dentist and the whitening kit. First check the color of your every-day lipstick or lip gloss. If the lipstick has reddish or orange undertones, your teeth will appear yellower, even if they are not. Try to wear berry pink colors. They bring freshness and clearness of the look. But if you don’t want to get rid of the red lipstick you should just switch to more burgundy shades or a lipstick with purple/plum undertones. These colors will make the contrast more obvious and they are able to bring out whiteness.

If your eyeliner creates crumbles in your eyes while applying it, you should put it in the freezer for 15 minutes. This should fix the problem.

Next time you visit the beauty store, make sure that you will have in your cart a cheap hair condition. It will work perfectly as shaving cream for your legs. The conditioner is created for smoothing the hair, even the cheap ones have this property. The cream will soften the hairs and it will be easier for you to shave them and afterwards the skin will remain silky soft.

Save some money on buying foundations by throwing away the foundation sponges. They absorb way too much material and you are wasting foundation and sponges, either. Use a foundation brush instead. The application is easier and the product is all used up.