Friendly-Budget Makeup Brands


We all know that it’s not so cheap to look good. The makeup products are expensive, especially certain brands, but if you want to look stylish, up to date and fresh, you have to pay a certain price. Fortunately, there are alternative ways (I mean brands) which are as good as the expensive one’s but they don’t make you touch your saving account in order to buy a new foundation. Check them out, try them on and choose your favorite one – here are the most affordable makeup brands:

  • ColourPop. You can find the trendiest colors, brands and styles right from the internet – platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. These are the sources, which every fashion lover should use for an inspiration and ideas. That’s where we found the ColourPop brand, which brings the feeling of beach life and cozy weather. The makeup comes in colorful, bold and vivid shades. Their marketing plan is amazing, because the Instagram page of the ColourPop is full of detailed information for certain looks and designs.

  • NYX Cosmetics. Again, Pinterest shows amazing styles and looks, created with one not so popular, but amazing brand – NYX. The quality and the price is in perfect balance and they are always up-to-date with the trendy matte textures and pastel colors. This brand draws attention with its look – they give their products in stylish packages and bottles.

  • e.l.f (eyes lips face) Cosmetics. The e.l.f. is one of the well-known brand among beauty addicts. The greatest thing about them is that they are crazy about running sales and promo codes. They pamper the clients with a huge variety of beauty products without the need of breaking the piggy bank.

  • Coastal Scents. If you are an animal lover and stand behind the idea of makeup experiments without cruelty, you have to use the Coastal Scents products. You can also take an advantage of their great offer to choose your own personal palette, because every eyeshadow pot is sold for $1.95, which gives you the opportunity to custom only the shades you need.

  • Essence. This might be a little bit far from your knowledge, because it is mostly popular in Europe, but if you happen to see an Essence stand, you definitely must try some of the products they have.

  • 2B Colours make the difference. As you can see the color is written “colours” which automatically makes us guess that this is also a European brand. The prices are catchy and the packages are full of color and great designs.

  • BH Cosmetics. Their decision to put matte and shimmery shadows in one palette (which is sold for under $15) makes me adore this brand. The colors blend in nicely and the colors are intense and well covering.

I hope you are convinced now that you are capable of making the right decision when you are in front of the dilemma: The rent or the makeup?!

Always search for alternative solutions to your problems and you will be able to satisfy all of your monthly financial needs.

Have fun, girls!