Hand Care for Younger Look


Do you know that your hands can tell how old are you?

I’m sure that you do, because the hands are the universal tools of a human’s body. You can’t do a simple job without the help of your hands and fingers.

Also they are exposed in so many different conditions: sunlight, extreme temperatures, washing all kinds of things, grabbing hot plates, peeling boiled potatoes and so many others casual activities that leave their effects on the skin of the hands.

The age is telling its word – once you reach 30 years old, the skin-cell production decreases by 10%, which means that your skin repair itself slower and harder. But all these bad things that cause fast aging can be prevent by proper care and loving from you. Just be responsible and take good care of your body. See several tips for hands good care procedure:

Hand wash.

The hand wash is certainly one of the most MUST-DO hygienic acts. There are so many bacteria on your hands that you can’t even imagine. You touch all kinds of surfaces and objects that other people have been touched them before you, and when it comes to diseases you can’t trust on people that they all are clean and hygienic.

But using water and harsh chemicals that are included in the soaps constantly, can damage the skin of the hands, especially the top area, which is thin and delicate. The water and the soaps are drying out the skin, that’s why you should opt for soaps that are also moisturizers. After the use of such product your skin should feel soft and away from that unpleasant tight-feeling that is threatening to crack your skin soon.

If your skin is already damaged and rough you have to find a way to smooth it right away. Once the collagen and the elastic fade away, the wrinkles will start to appear. The sun exposure makes this to happen faster. You can treat the rough skin with a homemade mask for hands: mix ¼ teaspoon both sugar and olive oil and rub gently the hands with that mixture. Do it once a week. The olive oil works great as a natural moisturizer, and the sugar works as a scrub, which removes the dead rough skin.

If you want soft and smooth hand skin you have to prevent the damages, not only to cure them. That could be done by using daily protection. Apply on your hands every day a bottle of hand cream, which has sunscreen properties. Keep the bottle in your handbag, so you will be able to apply it every time you see the bottle. Reapply it at least two times a day.

To sum up: keep your hands off the sun, off the cold and moisturize them regularly. Also, take care of the nails, because they are the hands’ accessories, take good care of them.

If you want to stay young longer, treat your hand with love and care and they will be your business card, which will show only how young you are. Have fun and stay healthy and beautiful!