Healthy Morning Habits

What to do in the morning?

If you live the normal every person life you probably have very hectic mornings from time to time. It is tough to plan out your morning, but it is also a great idea to start the day well, so that everything after that is good too. To have it well, there are certain things you can do upon waking up.

Wake up early

You probably won’t be happy about that part. But it is kind of the healthy way to live. Also successful people don’t sleep in late!


A smile is something that shouldn’t be missing from your morning routine. Also it is a fact that people that smile in the morning live a happier life in general.

Light and water

Go outside. Open the window. Or at least the curtains. Light and sun is a metabolism boost. And let’s face it – everyone wants a fast metabolism. Also drink water – 16 ounces. Both those things will get you far! Your day will be way more energized that way.


Most people, especially the working ones love their coffee in the morning. Studies show that it is better to have your coffee after 9.30, so think about that. From your wake up to your first coffee it is a great idea to drink some green tea. It will help for awakening you and it is detoxing.

Eat healthy breakfast

So it is best if you start out with a fruit on an empty stomach and then grab a bite of something more protein and stuff. Just make sure it is healthy. Also it is good for you to have that breakfast within 60 minutes after waking up.

Do yoga, stretch or meditate

Whichever you choose will make you feel more ready for the day. They can be combined or just pick one. Stretching in the morning is a natural lust of our body. So it is important not to skip.

Shower and lotion

Shower no matter hot or cold, first of all makes you clean. Then it turns out that morning showers do justice for your fertility and blood pressure. After you take that shower apply lotion – this will give you and your body a great deal of confidence.

Map your day

Well no – we don’t mean for you do draw a map and stuff. Just visualize in your head what you have to do and in what order and a to-do list. That way you will have a clear vision what is next for you. Also it is great to start the day with the most awful thing you have to check off that to-do list. That way it won’t be left for the end of the day and you will end it beautifully.