How Fashion is Influenced by the Internet

Shopping habits

The Internet is so powerful nowadays, that there is not a single thing from our lives probably that has not been influenced by it.

As with every other thing, the Internet has its bag and good sides. People can exchange information faster, can find information faster, can have fun, can watch the news, in short, people can do almost everything on the internet.

Why would you want to spend time going from store to store to search for a product when you can find on the internet for a couple of minutes. So, it is no wonder that it changes our lives day by day.

If you think about it, you will realize that the internet changes one more thing that is part of our everyday life, and this is fashion. And the best example for this are the online stores. Here is how they, together with the Internet, have changed our lives.

Online Shopping vs. Physical Shopping

How the Internet changed fashion?


It created online shops, where you can buy all you need: from lingerie and makeup, to coats and prom and wedding dresses. With online shopping you do not have to go from store to store in search for something in particular, as it is with physical shopping.

If you want to buy green shoes, you only find black or white ones. If you want to find fashion sneakers, you only find sporty ones. It seems like there is never that thing you are looking for. At the end of the day you are tired, you are annoyed, and you return home with empty hands. And you wonder what a person should do if they want to find something particular in a store.

Another thing that is very annoying with physical stores are the shop assistants. Even if their name implies actually help, they sometimes do not do it and they simply ignore you, while others are so helpful that even if you do not like the product in the end, you will feel obliged to buy it, just because it took the shop assistant so much time to show you the products and actually explain their positive features to you. And when you do not buy a product they look at you with annoyance because you have lost their time. You should not worry about that in the first place, you have the right not to buy anything from the store, even if you have asked for an advice.

Another thing that some people hate when it comes to physical shopping, is being embarrassed when they have to try something in the fitting rooms, especially underwear. Maybe these people have watched too many movies about hidden cameras in the fitting rooms, or maybe they are afraid that in the very same moment when they are naked and just about to try the clothes they have liked, a person looking for a spare fitting room will open your door and your naked body will be exposed to all the people who happen to be there. Really unpleasant situation, but it happens. And this is why these people prefer to buy clothes, especially underwear, online. When they receive the goods, they can try them on in the comfort of their own home, without worrying that a stranger can see them naked.

And here is where the online stores come to rescue the day. With online stores you even do not need to know the name of the stores. You just type the name of the product you are looking for, and the results are in. If you want green, red, blue or purple shoes, the Internet would show them to you and the only thing left is to buy them. Of course, there is always a risk. When you receive your product, it does not matter whether it is some kind of dress, some shoes, or lingerie, there is always the chance that it does not fit you well. Or you may not like it, because with online shopping you cannot see the actual color of the product and only the one in the picture. Thus, you may expect a darker or a lighter color, and in the end your expectations would not be met. And what you have to do is either to bear with the goods and accept the fact that you have wasted your money on something you would not wear, or to give it to a friend as a gift. But this does not mean that your friend will like it and will actually wear/use the present. They may as well put it in the wardrobe and wait for some time to pass by so they can throw it away.

Fashion is part of our life and the most important thing is to have fun with it and not to think of it as another problem in our lives. Find for yourself where you prefer buying clothes and just do it with a smile.