How to Be a Classy Girl with Manners


Have you come across these pictures on social media where it says how class is so important, that swag is a dying trend, etc. Well, all these “motivational” images actually have appoint, I believe. Alongside the plethora of meaningless and cliché quotes, pictures, sayings and everything else on 9GAG, Instagram, Pinterest and other apps and websites, there are some things you might want to use as food for thought.

Class is something that will never go out of style. Yes, when you are young, you strive to be fun, loud, outgoing and get noticed by people. But as we get into our 20s, for instance, we realize that the “high-quality” people look for qualities like intelligence, integrity and honesty a lot more than a party mood and good dancing skills. Following etiquette can make you stand out everywhere, from a family meeting for a job interview. Of course, you might go overboard and look a little pretentious, so be careful how you approach the task of being classy.

So how can you transition from a loud persona to a classy lady? First of all, be sure to mind your manners. Start by saying “Excuse me”, “Thank you” and add a little polite smile. Such small things go a long way! Skipping on them can make a very bad impression, while saying them can make the person opposite you like you a lot more! Next, offer your help in any circumstances. When you are at a friend’s house, whether it is for coffee or dinner or even a party, offer your services. It might be something simple, like distributing napkins, but it will make you look great in the eyes of the host! Also, be sure to be there for your closest friends and relatives when they are struggling. Everyone has a hard time once in a while and supporting your loved ones is not only a sign of good manners, but also a sign of love!

The next point is a little more complicated and it relates to table manners. When you down to have a meal, remember: no elbows on the table, do not forget to use your napkin once in a while and never talk with your mouth full! Compliment the cook and clean your hands before passing an item to someone else, or if you are the one who needs something, just ask, do not bend over the whole table and the other people. These things are common knowledge, but people often neglect them. An upgraded version of this point would be to study the different knives, forks, spoons, etc. used for different dishes at a very fancy dinner: you never know where you will end up!

Furthermore, when meeting new people, try to keep it as clean and polite as possible. Whether you are meeting your boyfriend’s parents or you are at a job interview, you want to be appropriate in your behavior and make a good, strong impression. Shake the person’s hand firmly and confidently (but don’t break it!). Smile and pay attention to the other person’s name: forgetting it might cause you a lot of embarrassment! It is also good to have a nice sense of humor, but be aware of your audience: no dirty jokes!!!

Your clothes should also reflect your stylish self. If you are applying for a job, be careful with the dress code. You either want to be clean and simple in your outfit or show some elegant creativity by adding a piece of statement jewelry or a colorful scarf to your look. Do not forget to hide the cleavage and that the length of your skirt should be around the knee. Also, it is better to be slightly overdressed than the other way around, so step up your outfit game!

Last, keep your phone away. Interrupting a conversation to answer your friend’s Snapchat is extremely rude. Do not scroll your news feed while you are at dinner and keep your phone on silent. We promise you that people notice things like that in the era of iPhone madness!