How To Be More Productive During the Weekend


During the week days we cannot wait for the weekend but when it comes we do nothing and these two days pass like the wind. Then on Monday we hear about our colleagues’ great time during the weekend or see our friends posting pictures on Facebook. And let’s be honest – we get jealous. We promise ourselves that the next weekend will be different but it turns out it is the same. So, how to be more productive during the weekends? Here are our 6 suggestions.

Wake up earlier
Yes, it is not a week day and you need one day when you won’t have to set the alarm for 6 o’clock. But try not to sleep till 12 o’clock. Wake up at nine or ten. You will have enough time to drink a cup of coffee and to do your morning activities. In the end of the day you will feel like the day was super long and you had enough time to do everything you wanted.

Go outside
Do not spend your whole day inside your home even if you feel tired. Try to do something new. Go out with your friends to a new restaurant or you can go shopping and then drink a cup of hot coffee – it always helps with productivity.

Do not overdrink
On a Friday’s night everybody needs a drink or two but try not to overdrink. You will have a great night but in the morning you will feel like crap. You will want nothing to do just lie in bed all day long. This is for sure not productive.

Be creative
Start something new. Find a new hobby and try it. If you like drawing but you postpone it to the time when “you will have time”, do it in the weekends. You can also try cooking, photography, and writing. Choose the best one for you, or may be more than one and just do it. You will be surprised how good you will feel when you see the finishing product.

Do some sports
A good old jogging always works. Go to the park and take as much time as you want. You will then feel productive all day long and full of energy.

Meet new people
Do you have the feeling that every weekend is the same? You do the same old things with you friends and go to the same old places. Do not be afraid to get out of your friendship circle and meet new people. You will have the chance to make great friends or even contacts for your career.