How to Deal with Body Acne

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Acne is a very annoying problem which is often too hard to solve. Face acne is one thing, but once it spreads on your shoulders, chest and back, you have a larger area to fight against.

Some solutions offered by professionals can be very expensive, very harsh and make you go through hell. Sometimes they might not even be quite effective: they can make it seem that acne has disappeared, but actually they would not have approached the actual cause of the skin problem.

Harsh chemicals might not be the best choice for your sensitive skin, so why not turn to natural remedies?

As we have told you many times, natural remedies are a good option because they lack the potentially dangerous ingredients found in sold cosmetic products and also have the purest form of those extracts that are actually healthy for your skin.

The first proposition we have for you is raw apple cider vinegar. Sounds a little scary (and smelly!) probably, but not worry. Apply it to a pimple on your shoulder, for instance, and you can observe how the white tip of it will go away in less in an hour. You can also dip a cotton pad lightly in apple cider vinegar and apply it over your back before you jump into the shower. This way you will get rid of the smell and still be able to enjoy the effect.

If your skin is too sensitive, you can dilute the vinegar in water, so you do not irritate it further. Apple cider vinegar has anti-bacterial properties and it destroys bacteria which clogs your pores and causes acne to appear.

Another option is using high quality sea salt. It can exfoliate your back, shoulders and chest very efficiently. Again, it is not a very good choice for highly sensitive skin, so do not overuse it. Exfoliating with sea salt will provide your skin with more minerals than an ordinary scrub.

Do not exfoliate too often, though, since this method strips your skin of necessary oils. Do not be too abrasive also. Once per week for a minute or so is absolutely enough!

The next great natural remedy is avocado oil: one of our favorite multipurpose products! It moisturizes your body (and hair, of course) very effectively. Hydrating your skin is important since if you skip this step, your organism will try to compensate for dryness by producing excess oils which will lead to acne. Apply it before shower (maybe after using vinegar?) and rinse it off five or ten minutes later. That gives your skin enough time to absorb it, but not get too oily in the same time.

Overall, you need to make sure your pores are clean, your skin is not under the attacks of bacteria, and you do not irritate it too much with products.