How to Fix an Eyebrow Shape


I’m sure that you know how important it is to have every little detail maintained, in order to achieve flawless whole look. I’ll give you this advice, which can be application and powder, take care of it in a healthy way – cleanse it, exfoliate it, moisturize it.

And then just enhance the beauty, that’s the key. Don’t cover the whole face of yours with makeup, because when you come home and when you wash your face you will find another person looking at you in the mirror.

The rule is simple, but effective – just enhance.

But sometimes we need a little more of an enhance. Sometimes we have special occasions which require extremely formal look, in other words – we have to be perfect.

The desire for perfection is a disease in my opinion, but if the flawless look defines whether we get the promotion or not, I think that you should take good care of that face. I’m not saying that you should climb the stairs of your career with your beautiful face, but a woman with unplucked brows will make a bad impression, for instance.

And as we mentioned the ugly brows, here is a tutorial for showing you how to solve the problem of inappropriate brows, especially when you can’t stand the plucking procedure.

Take a look:

  1. First of all, clean and comb the eyebrows.
  2. Then cover the tail of the brow with a concealer. On top of the concealer, apply your foundation so the skin will look more natural. Apply a little bit of powder in order to remove the glossy effect of the oily foundation.
  3. Then draw the shape of the wanted brow and fill it in with the same color as your natural brow color.
    Done! Your flawless look is achieved. Have fun!