How to Get the Perfect Look on Rushed Mornings

Quick preparing in the morning

If women could wish for one magic beauty power, it would probably be to wake up with a flawless hairstyle and perfect skin in the morning… or to spend only ten seconds on great winged eyeliner.

However, we all know that is not the case. Even for confident girls who feel comfortable in their own skin, the morning beauty routine is a ritual that involves a lot of dedication and careful consideration.

We cannot simply skip it!

Still, waking up early in the morning for school, lectures or work is hard enough on its own, so it gets even tougher when you include the preparation of a good hairstyle, skincare and makeup.

That is why we are offering you a short list of hopefully useful tips on how to deal with setting up a perfect appearance in a rushed morning:

  1. Plan your look from the night before! Start with your outfit and then you can base your makeup on it. Decide on what contouring, blusher, eye and lip products you will use and put them in order on your nightstand or wherever you position your makeup. Think about your hair, too. Whether you will add some texture and volume with dry shampoo or you will be properly styling it with heat, you need to be aware of how much time you will need.
  2. Try to multitask as much as possible. If you are doing more than one thing at a time, you will end up with more time for each step from your list. You can brush your teeth while you are waiting for your day moisturizer to set before applying makeup or put your makeup on while the hot rollers in your hair are doing their job.
  3. Remember to play some music in the background to set your mood!
    Think about what kind of day you will be having. If you will be out for more than eight hours and you will have important meetings, you want to get up ten minutes early, but not to skip anything in your routine. However, if your day is not that special, you can skip some of the “extras” like face primer, eye shadow base, and highlighter. Stick to a cleaner face, based on foundation, mascara and bronzer, for instance.
  4. Go for easy hairstyles when your hair is not in its perfect state. A side braid or a cute ballerina bun can be paired with a pair of statement earrings and look amazing!
  5. Take a few products in your bag, but do not overstock, of course! Put your mascara, concealer, and contouring palette for touch ups during the day. If you are going out straight after school or work, you might want to get an eye palette or eyeliner to add some dramatic sense to your appearance at a later point of the day.