How To Handle Your Bad Habits


Don’t think that the fact that you don’t smoke and don’t take drugs mean that you don’t have bad habits. And what if you bite your nails or chew gum all time? Or you don’t include these activities to the Bad Habit list?
Well, not all of the bad habits are harmful, but they can really complicate your life and they can have a bad influence on your health lifestyle.

Addiction to habits – that’s a firewall, which helps a person to reduce the stress and to relax by making him/her feel better. Sometimes these habits are not dangerous, but they might annoy the people around you.
Nobody is saying that it’s easy to get rid of bad habits, but at least you have to try for the good of your friends and for your own good, because if you annoy your friends, they will leave you and if you remain without your friends at the end of the they you will feel even more depressed. The reason for having bad/annoying habits is really simple: these habits can increase the production of dopamine – a neurotransmitter, also called “hormone of pleasure”.
And as you promote the production of dopamine, the body (and more especially, brain) will need more and more dopamine, that’s why you will need more and more to make that nasty habit and it will become a way of life really soon. And without it, you will feel uncomfortable no matter how annoying it is.
Here are gathered some the most popular bad habits you can create and I’m sure you will find yourself at least in one of the categories.

Take a look:
Midnight snack. That’s maybe the worst habit of all. Having a light snack after 20h is absolutely wrong. Unless you’ve decided to eat fruit or vegetable, but if you want some fries or chips, or worst – ice cream, you are going to have some trouble. The smart people who make researches proved that foods which contain fats and carbohydrates increase the mood by waking up neurotransmitters like serotonin and anandamide, which act like opiates and may briefly reduce stress and even physical pain. We can handle this bad habit by switching the fatty foods with green leaved veggies and fruits, which contain folic acid and other beneficial vitamins that help fight depression. Another trick to use when you eat is to stop eating in front of the TV or while you watch a movie. That stops you from focusing on the food and you are able to overeat, which is really bad for your body health and for your weight control.
Procrastination. It is a term in the psychology, which indicates the behavior of a person who realizes that it is necessary to do a specific job or task, but he postpones and ignores the plans by switching his attention to minor things or entertainment. It is a huge problem these days, where people are afraid of taking important decisions and when they are not confident in their skills and capabilities.
Bubble gum. Making bubbles out of your gum, while you are chewing is childish and annoying for the people around you, especially if you are a 30 year old woman, who works in an office full of people. Don’t chew a gum more than 15-20 minutes, that’s the period of time, in which it will work as a breath freshener. Try to follow that plan and you will soon get rid of this irritating habit.
Being late. That habit is really bad for your career steps. No one will encourage a person who is late every single day. So, try to plan your day and to make reminders on your smartphone which will help you be on time. Punctuality is one really important quality these days when the daily routine is highly busy.
Every person has its flaws, but as long as we try to work on them and we try to get better, you will see how well this struggle for improvement will react on your health and peace.


© olly