How to Have a Blog That Will Lend You Your Dream Job


In the modern age that we live in, technology has taken upon much of our lives. If before technology was just a percent or 10 percent of what we had and did, now it is way more than that. We are in someway always connected to the world trough our phones, computers, social media. And this can be both good and bad.

The bad thing about technology is the fact that it has taken over out lives. We sometimes forget to communicate because of all of the non in person ways to do and say things. Nowadays you can do literally anything without leaving the house – just by using your computer. So the social days are gone.

The good things about technology tough are many too. First of all let’s mention all of the help the medicine has had trough technology. This is probably the most important thing. Then it helps in the police department. And then it helps you with simple things like research, shopping or even landing that dream job.

Yes you read the last line right. Have you ever heard about the phenomenon blogging? In the last couple of years it has been a hit in many different departments. People in fashion document everything they do and become famous and paid only for having that blog (for reference check the story of the Blonde Salad blog). Also writers keeps blogs. Some of them sooner or later get discovered and their blogs get published. And much more stories like that one.

So why can’t you be the person who lands their dream job through blogging? Here are some tips on how to do all of that given all from successful bloggers.

1. Choose a topic – this is important, because you can’t have a blog which is in the same time about fashion and the financial crisis or whatever. You have to settle down on one topic, so that you make it constant, rich and good.

2. Write at least 10 posts, before you start the blog – this is in order to see if you are cut out for that. And also this will help you once the blog is up. Instead of having an empty blog you will be able to fill it with a couple of publications immediately. And this will also show you if you are into blogging. Also you won’t be short on posts if you have a stuck without a muse time.

3. Choose a name and register it – we are talking about a domain name. It should be registered and payed for, so that it unique and yours. You usually pay it for 1 year and than you renew. But that is what it is if you want to be a blogger.

4. Get s hosting plan – it will also be for 1 year, then you renew. There is no way to go without that. So be prepared with the money and don’t worry it will probably pay you back in time. Remember to research your options in prior.

5. Sign up for a WordPress account – the best place to have your blog. It is just the way it is. All the successful bloggers use this platform.

6. Design it – you can either have a specialist do it, buy a theme or make your own. It all depends on your skills and also how much money you want to spend. Depending on your content you can make it very clean or something no one has seen before. Just be true to yourself.

7. Start publishing – once everything is set up you should immediately start blogging. This is where the posts you already wrote come in hand. You can post a few posts in 5 days in a row in one week, so that the content is a little bit more.

8. Keep some posts stash – you never know what will happen to you and you must be consistent with your blog. So don’t just empty that future posts folder and leave it hanging empty.

9. Be consistent – that is the only way to succeed. There is no way to have luck and to start gaining fans and then money by posting once every month or things like that. You MUST have at least one blog per week or your blog will be dead.

10. Reach for 700+ readers per day – this means you have a strong readers base. And it probably means that you will soon start gaining money. But in order to gain money you should have strong traffic. Otherwise it won’t be a worthy blog.

11. You posts should be between 750 up to 1200 words – no less, no more. This is because less is never enough to say all you would like to. And more than 1200 words is just something that I and many people just won’t get bothered to read. Of course if your posts is 740 words or 1246 it is still okay. But this just is a measurement to be close to.

12. Don’t give up! Nothing more to say.