How to Have an Amazing Bachelorette Party


The summer is the season of weddings and everyone knows what this means – that you have to throw a bachelorette party as well. Sometimes these parties are even more fun than the actual wedding. However, if you really want your party to be really fun you need to organize it well and to avoid some of the most common mistakes. After all, if the bride does not have an amazing time, she will probably blame her bridesmaids for it. If you are wondering how to organize the party, here are some ideas that will help.

1. Find a suitable theme of the party
If you are organizing a bachelorette party then you probably would know well the bride and what she is interested in. Start with one of the basic things, the color. Every thematic party should have its special color. Most people think that bachlorette parties are always in pink, but if the bride is not really fond of it, then you should definitely choose another color, try with her favorite one. Then think about the theme. Is the bride fan of a particular place, like the Caribbeans, Hawaii, Italy, Spain, or every other place you can think of? Then let the theme of the party be this special place. Or the bride could be a fan of a book, a movie, or just a celebrity. Dress like the characters in the book/movie or be a representation of the celebrity she likes. Just be creative.

2. Do not forget the other bridesmaids interests as well

Most of the times the more people there are, the more difficult it is to organize the party. Why? Because every one of them will have a different opinion, one would not like the theme, the other would not like the place, one would like a wilder party and another would like a more relaxed one, and so on. It is very difficult job to match the all of their tastes and opinions. But everyone should make compromises, especially when you know that it is the bride’s day and not your own.

3. Get the guest list from the bride

Even if you are very close to each other that does not mean that you would know all of her friends, you accidentally may miss someone and this would not be good neither for you, nor for the guest that has been forgotten and nor for the bride because she may expect that she would see this person, and when this does not happen, she may be disappointed. So you need to find all the ladies that the bride would want at the party. The best way to do this is just to check the guest list and then you may search the people in the social media. A piece of cake!

4. Book a place early

As soon as you choose a date for the party, you need to book a place, especially if this place is very special and you want to have your party there at any costs. If you are flying somewhere else for the party then you definitely need to book the tickets earlier. This way you will find a better flight for less money. Just imagine how happy would be the bride if she is able to fly first class, drinking champagne. You should definitely make this present to her.

5. Do not forget to take the budget into account

Since this party is a present for the bride, she should not pay anything. On the other hand, the maid of honor should not pay most of the bills, the other girls should also take part in it. Money is a little unpleasant subject, but you must discuss it with the other guests. If you have calculated the budget, you may also include it in the invitation, so that the rest of the girls be prepared financially. And speaking about the invitations…

6. Think of an idea for the invitations

Since it is a bachelorette party you should not make it too strict and serious, just let it go. Think of a more interesting and amusing way to send the invitations or let the invitations be more creative. One one to send the invitations is to hire a super sexy and muscular delivery guy to do the job. And even better it would be, if he is topless. It is very sexual and creative. If you are shy and do not want to do this, then you definitely need to have more creative invitations. If the bride is a fan of some actor or musician, you may use him for the invitation. Put his face, or body on the first page, and you may be sure that all the girls would love it.