Ice Beauty Secrets


Does the cold weather give you a warm glow that surpasses the makeup blush? So it turns out that cold weather and ice are your new friends in terms of beauty! Sometimes cold rinse or treatment of the face is exactly what brings more beauty. Redness of the skin by cold is believed to improve the blood circulation, at the same time to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Here are some “ice” examples to confirm its beneficial effect.

One way ice helps beauty is by shrinking a pimple. Putting ice on an otherwise annoying pimple that does not want to go away helps to limit the redness of such pimples. The ice reduces inflammation, and may even alleviate the pain associated with acne, for example. Wrap an ice cube in a bag, keep the affected area for five to ten minutes.

It also helps decrease swelling around the eyes. Heavy night? Put an ice cube while waiting for your morning coffee to boil for example. Again put an ice cube in a bag. Hold it over your eyes. This procedure can reduce morning puffiness, making you look and feel fresh and rejuvenated. For a stronger effect, freeze cubes of caffeine black tea. Similarly, frozen sliced cucumbers will do the trick, too. Freshness is guaranteed!

The use of ice also makes for a beautiful skin. Before placing the base (cream or foundation), rub your face with an ice cube. It is good to focus on areas with enlarged pores. Cold water will cause shrinkage of pores. Thus “freezing” of the problem areas before applying foundation will result in extremely smooth results.

The ice also helps cleaning as well. For the skin, it is of a particular importance that it gets regular treatments like refreshing, peeling and bleaching action. For this purpose you may even make a scrub at home. Simply blend fruits and vegetables (such as cucumbers, strawberries or mango), pour a little water, spread the mixture in the form of ice and freeze the mixture. When frozen, take a fruity ice and rub gently on your face. “Ice” treatment will exfoliate the face and through the ice melting, it will help the juice to be absorbed by the skin.

Nice natural glow of the skin is your natural blush! Put a light spiral disguising discreet small defects with a thin layer of foundation, apply lip gloss or lipstick with a nude color. And in a combination with unpretentious model women dress, we guarantee that you will be more irresistible!

Tip! Stress, fatigue, polluted environment, too dynamic and busy life, sleep deprivation – all this affects the skin and it begins to age prematurely. Skin fades, loses its natural shine, increase the network of fine lines and wrinkles. Very good remedy for stress is aromatic bath salts. Fill the tub with warm water, dissolve the appropriate aromatic salt, put your soft music on and relax fully. Apply this soothing procedure once a week to relieve nervous tension, to charge with new strength and positive energy.