Let’s Celebrate Dance With America’s Favorite Dancer


So You Think You Can Dance is one of America’s favorite shows. This week we are celebrating 10 years of the show on screen. It is one of those things you start watching and immediately become hooked. And how can you not!

The show has been filled with talents that leave us with no words. They have been doing tricks and flicks for years and every season there is something new that surprises us.

One of the hottest and most trending people been on the show is Twitch. The hip hop dancer who not only starred in Step up, but then became one of the main characters in Magic Mike XXL and now is a coach on team Street, season 12. He has been an All Star and has some very memorable moments during the last couple years of the show.

The dancers in So You Think You Can Dance become famous with their impeccable technique, that can’t be seen anywhere else. And flexibility is like a joke to those guys and girls.

We most definitely should take a moment to remember all of the hot guys that have been part of the show. They not only have been grate on the show, but they have made many women scream and go crazy over them. People like Travis Wall, Fikshun, Alex Wong, Mark Kanemura, Blake McGrath, Pasha and many others.

So You Think You Can Dance has made stars and has changed lives. And above all it has been a great entertainment for the people in front of the TV, watching live and even for all the participants – both dancers and jury. The best thing about the show is the fact that has brought many smiles with its fun and quirky moments.

As much beautiful moments there were in the last 10 years of the show there were epic fails moments, that were fun to watch.

Happy 10th Birthday So You Think You Can Dance!