Live Small, Yet Big

Small house made big

We all want to live in the ultimate apartment or house. Want it to be big and to have unique interior. And that can happen, it just can’t happen for a day. Building a home is a challenge. Especially if you are one of those people who need their home to have soul and exhort your own emotions.

Other than that we all want to live a luxurious, yet simple life. I know how I envision my dream home – a big one story house. It should be with an open plan as much as possible and also much white and a big green yard. But that is in my head. People like different things, so not everyone can relate to the visions in my head. But everyone can relate to the idea of having a home of your own and decorating it and making it exactly in the way you want. Of course all of this takes time and you need money.

Now let’s talk about that small apartment you have to work with. I understand that we can’t have what we want. So we are going to talk about small apartments and how to make the most of their space.

A small apartment is considered to be one that is 40 square meters or less. The one we are looking at is exactly 40 sq.m. The good thing here is that the apartment is somehow looking big. It has a lot of light and beautiful design and the idea of it is to use as much space as possible by making levels, which compensates the small space.

Here two people could live easily, without it being too crowded or anything. But of course anything that is good for two is good one person too. This apartment has only one room. But this doesn’t mean that you want have different zones that represent every single room you might need – bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room and even an office and then you have a closet and bathroom. You probably are imagining something totally cluttered, but no – it is spacious in a way.

One great idea for the apartment that is a studio type, where you want to have all you can imagine is exactly the multilevel organization. Here for example we have the bed and the desk on another level. That way they are like a separate room and take less space. And by making another level in your home you make space for more storage. Once you build a level – like here for the bedroom part, you can use the underneath of it to make sliding cupboards.

Some secrets to making a small space look way bigger

  • Using as less furniture as possible makes the space look bigger. It also doesn’t make the eye suffer. Neither you, because when you clutter your home with furniture you will be nervous and hitting this and that every single day.

    Establish the things you can’t live without like a bed, fridge, chair and stuff like that. Than add a few elements to make it cosy like pillows, plants, wall decoration. And you are done. But start slowly and first with the basics. All of this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise, just think and be smart about it all.

    Don’t forget to use your walls. This of course doesn’t mean to put endlessly much things on them, especially stuff you don’t need hanging from a wall. Because once you overdo it – it is cluttered.

    One interior trend has been around for a while now and it is quite cool – the black wall. People paint their walls in black and use them first of all to write on them and then to store things. Probably the best idea for your kitchen, because the ground will be free for you and you will have your stuff on the wall.

  • One of the most important areas in a home – the storage room. It is the place we usually put out washing machines, iron boards and other stuff like cleaning tools. And we usually don’t want for people to see them. So we use that storage room.

    The unfortunate truth is that in a small apartments it is though to get that. But once you find some small space like 2 or 4 square meters you can box it off and make it like a separate room. But one thing – don’t put a door. Sometimes compromising about having a door can make your space way bigger. Just put a curtain.

    And while we speak about storage – the ironing board can always be put on the wall. This way you still save space.

  • And one last thing – when talking about making small space look big, try out light colors like white, beige, grey. They make any space appear huge. having much light also makes any space look spacious and beautiful and also it adds cosiness.