Lose Weight from Your Thighs


I often say that losing weight and getting tight and toned is a decision that you have to make all by yourself. Don’t let your boyfriend or mother have a part in your decision about the change of your lifestyle. You have to do it if you are not feeling all right with your body, not if someone else is not feeling all right with it.

Let me tell you my motivation to start losing weight. One day, I put on one of my favorite cocktail, little black dress and I was shocked: the stomach, the arms and the bulging thighs were making me look like a donut. It was so awful that my self-esteem vanished quickly. I changed my decision about wearing that dress and made the decision to start a new daily routine, which will help me boost up my confidence by looking better when I put on some of my favorite dresses. The biggest problem was the thighs.

I won’t lie you – it is extremely hard to lose weight on specific area, without affecting other area of your body, especially the thighs. But it is not impossible.

Here are some guidelines and how to get started, it is all about a healthy lifestyle:

  • You have to start with the little things – start to eat breakfast , like oatmeal with milk or pancakes and fruits. Try to limit the carbohydrates and increase the intake of water, at least 2l per day. The weight loss is well stimulated if you drink water with squeezed lemon juice in it. Forget about soda and other sugary drinks. If you are feeling blue or need some sugar, eat honey or make yourself a green tea, tinted with one teaspoon of honey, it will make you feel better.
  • Limit the intake of meat to chicken and fish. These meats will give you enough of the daily needed protein and you won’t gain any unnecessary weight out of this type of meat – the lean one.
  • Thighs friendly foods are the super foods – blueberries, pomegranate, kale and lemons.
  • Combine the food changes with some exercises. You have to do cardio workouts, but keep in mind that those workouts will make you lose weight from the whole body. If you don’t want that to happen, do some cycling, just a little bit, for instance 10-15 minutes as a warm up and then go for exercises which are specially oriented to the thighs, like squats and lunges.
  • Remember to rest after the workout. For instance, you can take a quick nap after you take a post workout shower. This quick nap (30 to 60 minutes) will allow the muscles to rest and repair after the session.
  • Eat small meals. The trick is to eat on a plate for a dessert. It is small and if you fill it up you won’t overeat, which is the point of the whole routine.
  • Eat early. It is highly recommended to eat before 19 o’clock.
  • Walk a lot. Don’t just hang out with friends, try to have fast and tight pace and concentrate on tightening your muscles while you are walking. If your office is walks in 20 minutes away from your home, don’t drive to the office, but walk or ride a bicycle.