Make a Better Selfie Than Ellen


Well, the Ellen’s selfie with a bunch of celebrities literally broke the internet (sorry K.K., Ellen is better than you). Let’s say that Ellen’s selfie was a lucky guess, because all of the faces were famous and loved, but if you want to achieve better selfie than this, you will have to practice a little bit, you have to learn some stuff and how to apply them when the camera is in front of you.

For our relief, there are a few things that will help us improve the pictures, but before that I want to talk a little bit more about the tool that makes the selfies possible – the front camera on our phones. It’s great, but I can’t count how many times I experienced small heart attacks while dropping or almost-dropping my phone during a selfie photo session. That’s the reason for my pure happiness when I found out this hardware device for creating a camera out of my old iPhone (5s) – the Snappgrip.

Snappgrip is a controller, which has an internal Bluetooth chip that connects to the iPhone, directly to the software part of it, an app on the phone. This chip, connected to the app, allows to control the camera software on the iPhone with the hardware grip. There are buttons for focusing the lens, zooming, wheel button, which adapt to the picture modes of the app. Basically, this device is transforming your phone into a camera.
You’d better use it for everything, not only for your selfies, because the price of that device is $70.

I bet this device can help you make a better selfie than Ellen’s one. But let me show you some more tips on how to behave in order to get a great selfie:

  • Know your best angle. You will have to find out the angle that shows your best features and hides the worst. For instance, my right profile is awful, that’s why I turn my head a little bit to the right or face to face with the camera.
  • Consider the light. Sometimes the lighter top, right angle can be your friend. Play with the light to get a better selfie.
  • I know it’s hard, but you’d better use the back camera of the phone, it makes a picture with higher resolution and the quality of the final results will be way more better.
  • Consider the background. That includes a photo-bombers too.
    Have fun!