Make yourself Appear Taller


If you are a petite girl or one with an average height you probably often with to appear taller. Actually no matter how tall a woman is, she never wants to seem shorter. And that is the way it should be. We love tall women like Tyra Banks and Blike Lively who proudly represent height. And so we want to look like them at least a little bit. For tall women it is easy – put on some height heels and a dress. Prep your hair and makeup and voila. Actually you can skip the heels, just wear some ballerina shoes. When it comes though to the petite and average height though, the trick with just wearing heels won’t be helpful enough. Here are some things you should definitely try out.

High-waisted bottoms are your friend
No matter your size a flattering high-waisted pant would do justice for your body. When you find the right pair of pants for you, they do an amazing thing for you – they make your body and legs appear longer. Actually the same thing applies for shorts and skirt, not only jeans. A great pairing for high-waist is a crop top or an over sized shirt to tuck in.

Forget about the gigantic bags
A short body shouldn’t be hidden behind a ginormous bag. Wearing a perfectly nice outfit and putting over is a bag that hides it is a crime. And also the oversized bags tend to stay at the upper part of your body and so make your legs seem very short. And women don’t want their legs to appear short – no matter how tall they are! The best for you are small clutches or tiny cross body bags.

Start loving the top knot
It may sound strange and funny, but actually wearing your hair in a top knot gives you a couple of inches of height. It optically gives and illusion that you are taller. And this is the easiest way to achieve seeming higher. The best thing about the top knot is that it doesn’t need a lot of prep. You can just put your hair up in a messy way.

Think about maxi skirts and dresses
It is a common belief that short small women can’t pull of floor length skirts or dress. But hear that- IT ISN’T TRUE! Think about it – if you find just the right one for you it will optically lengthen your body. Celebrities like Rachel Bilson, Lea Michele and the Olsen twins prove that. If you are opting for a skirt try out one with a line just under the bust. This will double the illusion of tallness. Put on a pair of wedges or heels with the long hemline, but choose a model where we can’t see the shoes, so your legs will appear longer.

Stripes! Stripes! Vertical stripes!
Stripes are a fashion statement. Some love them, some hate them. If you are on the shorter side you should consider loving them – but only the vertical ones. I guess by now you can imagine on your own how much justice they can do. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book, so swear by it!

If you are going short, go shorter!
When you are petite and decide to wear a skirt or a dress you have only to options – floor length or super-short. The mid hemlines will just smooth your body even more. And you don’t need that! We already explained the floor length situation. When it comes to mini-skirts, they just show more skin and that tricks the mind into thinking that the legs are longer. Pair a skirt like that thoughtfully. You can take inspiration form the fashion icon – Miroslava Duma. She is a petite one and rocks her outfits daily!

© pio