More Walking, Less Sitting!


Nowadays our jobs are mostly based in offices or at home or something like that. Which leads to living a life while in a sited position. Sitting more than doing any activity is not good for your body. It is unhealthy. Leads to overweight and illness. Also bad posture comes from sitting the wrong way.

According to Canadian researchers sitting all day long can cause cancer, diabetics, heart disease. And that is not something we want. Even if you practice sports every single day, sitting way too much can be bad for you too.

Doctor David Olter says that only an hour a day of being active can’t compensate for sitting for ten or twelve hours. So think about that – where do you spend most of the day – in your car or any transport, at home, in the office in front of the computer. The fact that for example every evening you go to the fitness and train for one or two hours, doesn’t mean that you should be sitting for the whole other time. But that still is better than not doing a sport.

To decrease the immobilization we should first count the number of hours a day that we are sitting or lying down. Then you have to make some goals for yourself that later become habits. For example on every 30 minutes to stand up and walk around for 3 minutes at least.

Walking around could be done in working hours and actually in the work place. It is easily achievable and you will be doing good for yourself.

The same applies for when being at home. Sitting in front of the TV or the computer is bad enough. So on every 30 minutes stand up, walk around the home. Stretch out a little.

Once that becomes a habit and you get used to it and don’t forget it it is time to set a new goal. If in the beginning your sitting time a day was 12 hours, you would find a way to reduce it to 10 or even better 9 hours a day. You can achieve that with the 3 minutes walking at work and home on every 30. And also by making some walks instead of using a car or bus or whatever.

Instead of sitting and browsing the internet stand up. Straighten your back and go take a nice long walk. Start reducing your awful sitting time today!