Several Amazing Beauty Hacks


Every girl wants to look beautiful and that‘s why we constantly search for different beauty techniques and tricks that will help us in the quest of looking amazing all the time. I have tried so many beauty hacks that I don’t even remember all of them because they weren’t that efficient and I didn’t try them again. The hacks that I’m going to show you now are proven to work and they will easily amaze you with their simplicity and efficiency!

The first trick I am going to show is how to make your nails stronger. We all want to have strong and hard nails and one way to get them is to add garlic to the base and coat that you use and apply it on a regular basis. This will work because of the high selenium levels, an element that helps strengthen your nails that can be found in garlic.

Next, we have an extremely easy trick to whiten your teeth. We all know that the easiest way to whiten teeth is by using baking soda instead of toothpaste once a week, but this can make your gums very sensitive and I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, rub the inside part of a banana peel on your teeth and leave it to sit for several minutes. To this every week and your teeth will become naturally white without damaging them!

If you want to make your brown hair darker without dyeing it, you can mix ground coffee in your conditioner and apply it all over your hair. The more time you stay with the coffee on, the darker the color will get!

If you want to open up your pores, you can do it by leaning over a steaming pot and putting a towel over your head. Another way to do it is by holding a clothes steamer in front of your face for several minutes.

To make your lashes look as if you have falsies on, curl them and apply mascara as usual. Then, put some baby powder on Q-tip and run it over your lashes. Be careful – you need only a thin coat! Finish the look with another coat of mascara and enjoy your new look!

The last beauty hacks is how to get big, voluminous hair. The answer is very simple – with beer! Instead of using a hair mask, soak your hair with beer and let it stay for as long as a hair mask would once a week. The yeast will boost up the volume in your strands and will make your hair shiny. And don’t worry – your hair won’t smell afterwards, just be sure to wash it!