Skin Care – Prepare The Canvas


I know that you like to make yourself beautiful by using makeup products, and that’s great, but do really think that this is the best way to treat your skin and to achieve perfection? I’m sure you know that having a beautiful face isn’t only about the great foundation and gorgeous eye makeup design. Before anything else, you should prepare the canvas, in other words – take good care of your skin. If it’s in good condition the half of the work is done. Healthy skin means beautiful face. So, let’s get reminded of several treatments and habits, which will keep the skin flawless.

The first one is simple – wash your face. Wash it every morning and every night, just with cold, clean water. It will be enough as a start.

The next thing, which will free the skin of dead cells and close to the surface pimples is the exfoliating procedure. Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. You use ready, store-bought exfoliating mask or you can do it yourself at home. My favorite homemade facial scrub is the green tea one. Just mix a tablespoon of green tea (allow it to cool down), a tablespoon of sugar and a tablespoon of honey. Apply to freshly washed face.

After the face is cleaned and moisturized you should analyze if there are some pimple flaws that you want to treat specifically. For instance, the blackheads. They aren’t so visible, but their existence is truly irritating. Actually, the blackheads are pores full of dirt, bacterias and dead cells. To remove them you should make some special procedures. Recently, I started to apply the toothpaste treatment and so far I’m satisfied with the results. Just apply any kind of toothpaste on a brand new, clean toothbrush and rub the problematic area gently. After you’ve rubbed for a couple of minutes in circular motions, you should rinse with ice cold water (in order to close the clean pores). Or you can always use sticky strips for removing blackheads. They could be found in every beauty store. For more serious acne problems you’d better see your doctor.

Your face is clean and now it needs to be moisturized. Don’t even think about skipping that step. Even if your skin is the Oily type it needs moisturizer, especially after such procedures like exfoliating and blackhead cleaning. So, apply light moisturizing creams so you will prevent excess skin oiling.

Some more tips: don’t touch your face often in public places like transportation or concert, even clothing stores. Your hands are so dirty that you can’t even imagine.

  • Don’t squeeze pimples, unless you know how.
  • Don’t fall asleep with makeup on your face.
  • Always apply a primer before using a full coverage foundation or powder.
  • Try to use bio makeup products.
  • That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks. Have fun!