Special Makeup For Special Night


I’m not a girl who spends too much time in front of the mirror, applying makeup on myself, but when I need to look great, I just want it to look flawless. And when you have certain wishes, you have to do anything to fulfill them, especially when we are talking about makeup. It doesn’t matter that you don’t apply makeup regularly, the secret is to know how and when to apply certain design in order to look amazing. A mastered makeup skill will always be handy for you, so, let’s start with the basic rules while you apply this gorgeous, party makeup on:

  • Whenever you want to apply makeup on your eyes, you have to pay attention to the whole eye area – the brows and the under eye area. I know that you often hear that, but I’m obligated to remind you every time until you create a habit – you must shape the brows if they are pale.
  • Maybe you think that your brows are bushy and bold enough, but after the application of the foundation, the powder and some eye shadows, they fade out. So, shape them, color them, highlight them! Three rules to remember about your brows.
  • The other area that must be prepared well is the whole area under your eyes. Picture a face with dark under eye circles, now picture the same face with gorgeous eye makeup, but still having the circles – not so great, huh? If you have some dark under eye issues, you have to take care of that area too, with the old good friend – the concealer. Use liquid, moisturizing concealer in order to hide the darkness and to smooth the smiling wrinkles.
  • And then, you can apply the foundation on top.
  • When you apply eye shadows on your lids, you have to prepare them with a primer, the same way you prepare your facial skin with a primer before the application of the foundation. The primer of the lids will hold the eye shadows right on place, without allowing smudging and gathering at the crease.
  • Once the primer is absorbed into the lids you can start applying the makeup. Start with a basic color – nude eye shadow to even out the complexion. Then create a dark shadow in the crease area with soft brown shadow.
  • Blend in.
  • Cover the lid with white base and top it with golden glitter shadow. Smudge together.
  • Apply some of the white base at the bottom lash line in order to open up the eye.
  • Finish the whole makeup design with a cat-eye liner and a coat of mascara.


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