Stop Eating Sugar in 5 Steps


I know you like to eat sweets from time to time. I also know that you are familiar with the bad influence of the sugar on your body. The sugar overdose could lead to different diseases such as diabetes, cardiac diseases and gaining body fat, a lot of it. I know that you know this stuff, but a reminder is never unnecessary when we talk about our health.

If you love to eat sweets all the time you have to stint yourself a little bit, if you are having some health issues because of the sugar eating, you must reduce the intake of that temptation to minimum. You’ll have to clean your body from the excess sugar.

Have you ever wondered why we love so much the sweets? It’s about the sugar, of course. But why we need so desperately that sugar in the system? It’s because we are addicted to it. Scientific researches show us that the consumption of sugar regularly can lead to addiction just like the cocaine does.

If you are afraid of such possibilities for your health, you’d better start saying goodbye to your favorite sweet treats. Here you can find 5 steps, which will lead you (and help you) through your hard break up with the sugar. Take a look:

  1. You have to prepare emotionally for that change in your life. Make the change only when you are fully ready for it and when you believe in that mission for a healthier life. If you do it only because you think you are obligated to do it, you will spin in the magical circle of stopping and starting the sugar intake all over again. There is nothing wrong in the fact that you are not ready for that change. Just organize your thoughts and everything will come to the right place in the right moment. Be patient and persistent.
  2. Make a plan. It’s an addiction, so behave just like an addicted person. If you have clear plan in your head, it will be easier for you. The sugar break up is similar to the cigarette quit. Find out what makes you nervous and try to get rid of that stress that leads to sweets eating. Or if it’s hard, for example, you have really important project going on in work, try to switch the chocolate bars with fruit, small and easy for eating fruits, like grapes, tangerines, orange, pomegranate and so on, whatever you like. The fruit sugar is way more recommended than the white sugar, which is contained in the sweets.
  3. Stop it at once. Some diet plans are forbidding the sugar intake for three days. But all kind of sugar, even the fruit one, the sugar in the dairy products, alcohol and so on. The purpose of that high reduce of sugar intake is to make the palate forget how the sugar tastes, which will make you get used to that absence and not even thing of sweets after that.
  4. Life without sugar. The easy part is to get rid of the sugar for a couple of days, but the real struggle is to make a lifestyle change and remove it from your menu at all. The trick is to learn some alternative recipes to your favorite dishes and cook them without sugar.
  5. Focus on the steps of the plan. If you fulfill every little step of the plan regularly, you will feel more satisfied. Otherwise, you will think constantly about the big picture and your view will become unfocused and you will be worried about the path and why you aren’t there yet. So, start with baby steps and then run to the healthier standard of life.