The Hands Are Talking


You can easily guess a woman’s age by simply looking at her hands. A lot of factors are causing aging of the hands and the skin all over the body. Often, we (women) take good care of the facial and the body skin and somehow we forget about the skin of the hands. Do you think that it automatically recovers from the unpleasant conditions of the surrounding environment?

No matter what you think, and what you do, if you don’t take care of the hand equally as you take care of the face – your hands will start to talk the truth about your real age. I’m sure this is the last thing you want to happen, especially when your face and body tell you are 20, but your hands tell you are 35, when you actually is 27 years old. So, I hope I scared you enough to keep you intrigued. Let us see together what can cause faster aging of the hands and how to prevent it:

As you can easily guess, the sun is one of the worst enemies of the skin, including the skin of the hands. The sun has many marks to put on your skin, which will be the numbers of your age – wrinkles, dark spots, red pots, uneven complexion, these are the most common marks.

The best you can do is to cover the hands with a sunscreen protecting cream. You cover your head with a hat or your stay in shadow, but the hands are often exposed to the sun. The simplest example is the time you spend in your car. Your head is in shadow, but your hands are on the wheel, exposed to the sun rays.

The weather is also cruel to the skin. The cold and the warmth can react badly to the skin of the hands, especially the cold. So, if you live in four season country, you have to know how to protect your hands from the winter: always wear gloves and when you walk inside, apply hand cream immediately and after every wash of the hands. Cold air dries out the skin and make it rough, even some cracks and wounds might appear.

A highly recommended protection is the humidifier in the area you sleep and live – your place. It will keep the level of moisture in the air good and pleasant for your skin and health.

As every average woman in the world, you have to deal with household chores. The dishwasher machine can’t wash all of your dishes, some of them need to be hand washed, which leads to the hands skin problems. The dish-washing products are harsh for the skin.

The wash of the skin oils, which works for the elasticity and the recovering of the skin.

Always wear gloves when you wash your dishes. And as we are on the topic of washing, the soaps can remove the natural oils too. So, when you are at the store and have to choose soap that has pH stabilizing agents, but more importantly – apply moisturizer to the hands after every work with water and soaps, this is the best way to keep the skin fresh and soft.