The Things Women Have to Go Through That Men Will Never Get

Men vs women

In my point of view, us women are like superheroes. Not only we are beautiful (and as a whole the more beautiful sex) but we can be quite powerful. First of all only we can give birth. And then, have you even seen us?

We are multitaskers with jobs that can not be defined in the real world. But we are amazing. We learn to cope with literally everything and we can go head to head with men and beat them in many things. At the same time, rather than physical strength, men can not beat us in many other things.

Although we are amazing it turns out that we actually go through quite many things that men will never be able to understand. Why?

Because it is just women stuff. And that is kind of annoying.

Did you already think of a few?

Yes, that’s right. And there is nothing, literally nothing, we can do about all of that. It is just the way the world is build. The luck was not on out side I guess.

  • Periods

    Oh, yes, those awful things we get every freaking 28 days. This is probably the thing I hate the most about being a woman. I mean don’t get me wrong – I love being a woman, but it comes with its downsides.

    Women and periodsBleeding massively every month, having cramps (which for some women are so painful that you can’t imagine) and having to buy and change tampons or pads is awful. And what is more, we can’t just call in sick every month for three or four days. Although if there was a rule, which allowed us to stay at home when on out periods, the world would have been a much happier place 28 days per month.

    And don’t even get me started on tampons. Putting on that thing the first couple of times in your life time is probably painful and messy. And I am sure guys do wonder about that. Well first of all try to figure out how one works and this is when you will appreciates us way more. The other is something you don’t really need to know.

  • Going to the gynecologist

    Unless you are an actual gynecologist you don’t even have a slight idea what happens once you enter the doctors cabinet and how not cool all of that is. And what – you don’t have to do that! Yes you have some prostate exams, that probably feel stupidly too, but we are women and we should not be shamed in anyway. Yet in order to be healthy we have to do that.

    If you have never waited for your girlfriend in front of a gynecologist cabinet or clinic and seen how much time it takes to be examined and also her mood after it all, you know nothing. I know it sounds stupid because those people are doctors, but we don’t like the whole getting undressed, spreading legs and more stuff. And you won’t either if you were a woman.

  • Body-hair removal

    I know that man remove some of their body hair too. And that is great – thanks guys!

    But now let’s talk about it openly. When a guy doesn’t shave his armpits – it’s okay. A guy is not expected to have hair free legs, arms or intimate parts. And then come women – we are expected by MEN to be lacking any body hair, anywhere!

    Now tell me how is that fair?

    You almost have no obligation and we have quite so many! And women usually go waxing, don’t just shave. So all of this is connected to a lot of money and a lot of pain. And any time a woman has a little bit more hair here and there, guys freak out. Well, stop! Why don’t you try a constant total body hair removal process and then talk about us.

  • Makeup

    Not that every woman on Earth uses makeup, but it is still something only us women do. And only we spend money about that. The only cosmetic things you buy are usually soap and a deodorant. So don’t judge. And also why do we put on makeup – well to make you guys happy. So appreciate that and complement your girls more often!

    So when it comes to makeup some of us wear as little as mascara and lipstick and nothing else. And some of us put it all on – base, foundation, powder, blush, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, eyebrow shadows and much more. And that is time investment and money investment. What you choose is up to you. And what guys don’t understand is that we not only have to apply the makeup and that takes time, but we also need to remove it later. Which is another part of it all not being so cool and fun.

  • Sexism and catcalls

    Here all of the fault is on you. Because a woman would never assault another woman in that way. I know how many times I have been walking down the street and someone honks their car or catcalls me or even tries to touch me. That all is harassment that I don’t like. And sometimes I get mad. Other times I get afraid. In either one of the situations it is not cool.

    And sexism is a whole another level of ugly behavior regarding women. A guy never really feels how much times he turns down a woman for a job over a guy, no matter if she is more qualifies. Because ‘bros’ are ‘bros’ and that is all you men think about.