Things Every Girl Should Accomplish in Life Before Love Gets in Her Way


When a girl does not have a boyfriend, she usually starts complaining that everybody around her are in love and she is still single that was why she is miserable. Actually, at this point she does not realize how lucky she is and how many things she can do before a boy she falls in love with stands in her way. When you are dating someone and if you both have serious intentions, you rarely have time for other people or you are stuck constantly together and your friends keep complaining that they cannot have a coffee just with you, without your boyfriend. So, when you have no boyfriend you have time to do all the things you cannot when you are in love. Here are top of the things you should do before love gets in your way.

1 Have a friend that is like a sister

Every girl needs a friend that will be like a sister to her no matter whether she really has a sister or not. There are some things that you can only share with her and no man in the world can ever replace that person. After all, men never know what a girl wants but a BFF from the same sex would never wonder why you have reacted in a certain way or said something. These girls are like family.

2 Live with no regrets

Be the master of your own life. When you are in a relationship, you one way or another keep negotiating your decisions with your partner. You can want to go somewhere or do something that your partner does not like. And in the end you can miss one of your dreams. So when you have no boyfriend, you can live your life without any regrets and without negotiating your decisions with anyone. So feel free even to make mistakes.

3 Go out on dates

You have just bought a new dress or you makeup is just perfect that day so you want to do out and to show these beautiful babies to the world. If you have a boyfriend he could not be in the mood of going out. Or if you were in a relationship, you could even have no desire to buy things that will make you look sexy. When you are single, however, you could invite someone on a date and impress him with your gorgeous looks. You would be free to go on dates as much as you like, have various experiences and then have some interesting stories to share with your friends.

4 Do something out of your comfort zone

When you have no obligations, you are not married or have children, you are free to do some silly things which only you would know about. Get out of your comfort zone and do some things you never had the courage to do. Some people have never gone on a blind date. Why not try it then? You can also have a tattoo, or hitchhike around the world with a friend. Do all the crazy things you never thought you would do. This is just the right time for you.


5 Go after your dream job

When women have children and husbands they should dedicate some time of the day for them. Women with families are like super women because they seem to have time for everything. However, if you are still single why to bother trying to juggle with a family, a job and a house to clean. Dedicate your time to your dream job, accomplish what you have always wanted and then when you are already tired from working you can have a family and split your time between them and your career but for the time being, let your dream job guide your decisions.

6 Parties as if this day is your last

You know how a lot of people say you should live like every day is your last. Well, you can change a bit this saying and let’s party like this day is your last. Of course, you should be smart about it and do not do things you would later regret. You can drink, sing at the top of your voice and dance all night long. If you see somebody cute sitting alone in the corner, well, no one will blame you for making out with him a little. You never know what exciting things the night might have prepared for you.

7 Discover a new hobby

Sometimes you just feel like something in your life is missing. So this is the time when you should find a new hobby for you. Think of something that you wanted to do, but time just has drawn the idea away from you. It could be cooking, photography, swimming or dancing, anything that makes your heart jump with excitement. You will be free to try new things without anyone getting in your way and telling you that the idea is stupid. In the end being single would not be such a bad idea after all.