Top 10 Destinations For Your Big Day

where to get married in usa

When we were little girls fairy tales were true for us. The prince came on his white horse and saved us from the enchanted castle we were captured in.

Of course, this was in our imagination but we believed this will happen. Years passed and we stopped believing in magic. But there is one day in our lives we start believing in magic again – the day of our wedding.

Everything should be perfect: the flowers, the cake, the dress, of course, the groom, as well. But one of the most important things is the place.

On the beach, on a lawn, or in a country house, it should be the place of our dreams.

Here are the best 10 destinations in the USA where you can get married.

№ 1 The Swan House Garden in Atlanta, Georgia
If you want to have an outdoor wedding, this historic house museum will be the perfect place for you. Its garden is perfect and has a gorgeous fountain which could be the centerpiece of your wedding.

№ 2 Long View Gallery in Washington D.C.
If you are not into traditional or historic weddings, this is the right place for you. It is  unique place and you won’t even need a lot of decorations since it looks good enough as it is.

№ 3 Blue Dress Barn in Benton Harbor, Michigan
If you prefer a quiet wedding in the country with a pinch of class, this is your destination. And do not think if it is a barn it won’t be sophisticated. Your guests will be impressed.

№ 4 McNamara Alumni Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota
The architecture of this building will leave your guests with their mouths open. This place is again a modern one but be sure that sophistication is one of the main words in its dictionary.

№ 5 Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The glass dome of the building will give you and your guests a view you will never forget. The best part is that you will be inside and you will not worry about the weather.

№ 6 Milwaukee Art Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
If you want your wedding to be close to a water pool but there is no beach around, this place will do the job. It is set against Lake Michigan and Milwaukee’s cityscape. And the view will be more than amazing.

№ 7 The Inn at Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, South Carolina
This place offers both inside and outside wedding. And if you cannot decide whether you want your wedding to be near waterfronts or forest, do not think twice. Here you can find both of them with a lot of sophistication.

№ 8 Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago, Illinois
Under the stunning 38-foot Tiffany glass dome you will feel like Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” dancing in the ballroom. Just do not forget to buy a ball gown as well.

№ 9 The Gramercy Park Hotel in New York
If your type of wedding is the big city wedding, you are going to love this place. It offers a view of the Manhattan skyline above the busy streets of New York.

№ 10 Sunset Key Guest Cottages in Key West, Florida
The top destination for beach lovers. You have the chance to celebrate your big day on the white sand beaches and the nearby sweet cottages. One in a lifetime experience.