Unusual Photography Tips For Better Shots


If you are a beginner in the photography world, you’d better sit down and read all the tips I’m going to give you here. I’ll skip the light and settings lessons, I want to talk about the small things, which contribute to better shots, to more emotional shots, to your personal style and touch to be recognizable in the pictures. Take a look:

Be portable. Try to chart your staff into top 5 list, for instance: wallet, phone, camera set, memory card and a bottle of water. Gather those items daily with you in a backpack while you travel around or when you just go to the office. You never know when and where the perfect scene will appear, that’s why you should be prepared and get rid of any excess baggage that will ruin your focus and keep your mind away from the shooting.

So, if you drive your car and look aside for a second, that will be enough for you to spot the perfect scene for the perfect shot. Find a safe place to park the car, outside the road, grab your backpack and take advantage of the moment.

Sundays are always better than Saturdays. For people who doesn’t use the photography as their main source of money (for amateurs, I mean), most probably they use the weekend for shooting and then the answer of the question “Which day should I use the camera?” comes naturally: “Sunday”.

The reason is quite simple: You start the whole adjusting procedure on Saturday and it is most likely to make a lot of mistakes, because there have been 5 days between your last meeting with the camera, which means that your hands and muscle memory has faded away a little bit. So, the trick is to practice on Saturday and to get to the actual work on Sunday.

Or, if you don’t want to lose a day, just carry the camera with you, don’t take pictures, just hold it or watch through the lens and try out the zoom and how the subject looks in the frame, just practice.

Don’t stay hungry. Always have a pack of sandwich with you, because it could be very annoying to have loud and tight stomach while you try to take the perfect picture. For wild photography, for instance, the timing is really important. The twilight is the time when you can find an animal doing something interesting, but if that’s the time for you to have dinner, it is highly possible to ruin the perfect scene with hastiness and loud noises out of your body.

The portfolio is for clients and partners, not for you. That’s why you should get opinions from people who are not photographers. A webdesign and opinions for your pictures from people who aren’t so much into the photography could be very useful. The opinions could give you inspiration about the look of the portfolio and the good comments will boost up your self esteem.

The music will be a helper. If you place yourself into a more artistic situation, you will be able to be more creative and while you edit the picture you can turn on the rock playlist nice and loud to keep you more concentrated during the late night computer work.