Foods for healthy looks

Benefits from eating strawberries


First of all we are in the season of this amazing fruit. Do you know though what it does for you?

The strawberries are a natural teeth whitener. Also, they actually help your teeth not to get too much sugar stuck on them. Strawberries just fight the bacteria that make cavities.

Another fact is that strawberries work in favor of your heart and flat stomach. It is a fruit that doesn’t bloat you and having them as something to eat through the day can help you flatten your stomach.

Lime, lemon and grapefruit

The citrus fruits are the best fruits to intake Vitamin C from. They help your skin to stay clear, healthy and glowing. But do you know what the best part about citrus fruit is?

They help you to clear your body of all the toxins. As a result your body is healthier and kind of lighter. Just the way you feel is better.


Have you ever heard about sun lotions with carrots in them?

Many people use those kinds on their children or actually themselves, because the carrots help us to create a healthy tan without burning under the sun. But not all can be solved just by a lotion.

Eating carrots often (on a daily basis) makes us naturally look like we have a slightly tanned skin. It is a healthy look. But just don’t eat more than 5 portions of carrots a day, because your skin can become yellow.

Green and white tea

Both of those kinds of tea are rich in antioxidants. Drinking a cup of white or green tea a day can help you clean your body from the toxins. And this will enrich your skin health and glow. Forget about pimples and anything like that. Your pores will look better and as a whole you will exhort a healthy look.

Cocoa butter

This is the best thing ever. I am in love with it and beauty experts always advising us to use it. The cocoa butter has an anti age effect on the body. It also provides you with some vitamin E, which your body most definitely needs.

For people with extremely dry skin this could be a problem solver. Apply it to your face and body every night before bed and just in a few days you will notice a great difference.