What To Wear For Running In Any Weather



Running is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to lose weight and stay healthy and the best part of it is that you do it outdoors (which is especially pleasant in the spring or summer). When you go running you not only stay in shape, but you can concentrate and be on your own for an hour or so and just relax from the busy lifestyle you have.

If you want to start jogging, there are some things you have to know when choosing your gear. If you want to make jogging a part of your everyday life, you have to be prepared for the temperature changes that come with every new season and be dressed appropriately. And because we know you will need some help with that, we have gathered some ideas on what to wear for running in any weather:


Obviously, in hot weather you will need the least amount of clothing on you if you are going to run outdoors. You need a tank top and shorts from light, breathable fabrics – like polyester, for example. Stay away from natural materials because they can hold in the moisture and create a very unpleasant feel while you‘re jogging. If you feel cold with a tank top and short, you can try a loose T-shirt and some capris leggings, again from synthetic materials. When it comes to shoes, there isn‘t something special you should look for, but never (I mean really never) forget to wear socks underneath the shoes!


It‘s getting a bit colder and we have to start thinking of ways to dress so we don‘t feel cold while running. When it‘s not that cold, you can substitute the T-shirt with a long sleeve shirt with a sports bra underneath. If you feel more comfortable, put on some regular leggings instead of the capris ones. If you feel cold that way, put a tank top underneath the long sleeve shirt. Again, pay attention to the materials you‘re wearing. For when the temperatures really start to drop, I suggest wearing a zip-up sweater to protect your neck and keep the cold away. When the temperatures go around 40°F equip yourself with a tank top, a zip up sweater, a vest, some long leggings and, if you really feel cold, gloves (you can buy fingerless ones if you think it‘s not that cold for real gloves). The vest will keep your body warm without making you sweat too much.


Now it‘s really cold! And if you want to continue jogging in this weather, you have to be prepared. Buy thicker leggings, but be sure that they‘re alright for running. Don‘t wear the vest, instead buy a jacket that will keep you warm and buy real gloves to make sure your fingers won‘t freeze. A headband isn‘t a bad idea also. When it starts getting even colder, change the headband with a real hat and the jacket with an insulated one. Now, we are at the low 20s. You need insulated sneakers, wind-proof mittens, a thick long sleeve shirt and a lighter jacket over it. Don‘t forget the tank top and the hat that will keep the heat where it has to be.


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