When To Clean What


Have you ever wondered when your home and clothing items are ready to be washed and cleaned?

There is a certain period of time for the items that can get dirty and ready to be washed, but you shouldn’t wash them too often, because the chances of ruining the fabric get bigger. So, let’s discuss when to clean what kind of items:

  • You sheets. You have to wash the bedding sheets once a week, not a day later or sooner (of course, you can wash them sooner if you spilled orange juice all over the bed). There are a lot of dirt, which build up into the sheets – dust, sweat, other body juices. If you open the windows  to let in fresh air to the room, make sure that a lot of dirt comes in through that window along with the “fresh air”. So, when you wash them, use hot water and gentle washing powder.
  • Your jeans. Here is not about the time. You have to decide when to wash the jeans according to the frequency of using. The golden number is about 4-5 wears, but again, if something extreme happens to them, wash them right away – ketchup stains come out in the hard way. But be careful not to over-wash them, because the colors will fade away eventually. Turn them inside out and wash them with cold water. Air dry them.
  • Bras.  Here is one delicate item. Always hand wash your bras and never wear one bra more than two days in a row, because the elastic material it is made from have to reshape and if you rotate them, you can wash after a three or four wears, according to the weather, the sweat of the body and so on.
  • Window Screens. After the winter or at least once a year.
  • Windows. And the windows should be cleaned twice a year. First use a sponge to remove the rough dirt, then finish the cleaning procedure with squeegee blade. Clean both inside and outside sections.
  • The oven. Some of the ovens are self-cleaning, but many of them are not and you have to wash it at least  twice a year. The trick is to soak the oven with cleaner to reduce the rubbing procedure. The next day clean it until the oven gets shiny.
  • The mattress. You should clean the mattress with vacuum cleaner and dampen cloth with cold water at least every six months. Make sure that you are not soaking the mattress, because it might get mold out of the dampen fabrics.
  • Your purse. Your purse and the wheel of your car are the most dirty items you touch during the day. Clean your purse every week.
  • Bed Pillows. Don’t think that a pillow shouldn’t be cleaned because it has case for protection. The dirt and bacterias find a way to get to the stuffing of the pillow so you should clean it every three to six months.
  • The carpet. It has to be cleaned not only with the vacuum, but also it has to be washed once a year.