Why You Burn More Calories When You Exercise Outside


Have you ever noticed when exercising outside that you burn more calories?

Do you think that’s possible?

Why do you really burn more calories when you’re outside rather than at home or at the gym?

I am going to answer these and many more questions below:

One of the more obvious reasons why you burn more calories outside is the change of terrain. When you’re outside, you exercise on sand, grass, snow, even rocks and your body needs to quickly adapt to the different surfaces. This burns calories and, most importantly, works on your muscles, mainly on the legs.

The fact that the weather outside changes constantly also helps you burn more calories. Because your body has to fight with the elements (like wind, rain, show, etc.) it needs more energy and this way it burns more calories. Also, this increases testosterone which results in faster metabolism and more calories burnt.

Along with weather changes and terrain variety, the temperatures also matter. We tend to exercise longer if the temperatures outside are cooler so if you have chosen winter to start with your exercising, it is best if you directly go outside rather than going to a gym or staying at home.

Little did you know, consuming more oxygen leads to burning more calories! When you exercise outside you consumer a bigger amount of oxygen and your ability to burn energy increases. Also, when you exercise outside, your sense of happiness increases and the tension and depression – decrease. Many people who have started with exercising outside prefer to stay there and not go to the gym when the weather is bad and it’s cold because they associate the outdoors with joy and excitement.

Of course, if you want to exercise outside, make sure you have the proper training gear. Especially in this weather, you have to have a thick jacket that will keep your warm, gloves and a hat and also the proper shoes for the outside terrain. If you want to switch from gym to outdoors and vice versa, buy yourself two pairs of running shoes and have a pair for both outside and inside.