You Can Workout Even if You Are a Bit Lazy!


One of our favorite lifestyle trends among contemporary society is indeed being fit, eating healthily and working out. The benefits of this lifestyle are numerous: not only will you look better and be more attractive, but also be more confident about yourself which can result in more success and achievements in other areas of your life. Also, maybe the most important benefit is indeed the fact that you are going to be healthy and fresh!

However, if you are one of us lazy girls, it may be hard to become the fit training type overnight. It takes a lot of motivation to start and to be honest, the hardest time is in the beginning, when you are trying to teach yourself how to get up and workout instead of lying around and watch TV shows on your computer. Once you get into the habit, it is a lot easier.

But where to you start? The first thing you need to do is set reasonable goal. No one should expect to spend an hour working out the first time they do it. You will lack strength and stamina in the beginning and you will probably get easily tired. Besides, if your goal is too unreasonable, you will not see any results for a while and you will end up being disappointed and might give up. It is best to think of something possible, which will motivate you. Maybe you want to lose five pounds or fit into a jeans which are a size smaller. Also, it is best to start with short workouts every day – twenty minutes, for instance, and make them longer and harder in time. Do your research or consult with a trainer, if you do not think you can plan it on your own.

Next, you should not immediately think of the gym if you want to be exercising. The gym might actually help you find excuses: it is expensive, far from home or you are just embarrassed to be among other people while you are sweaty. Actually, you can workout as efficiently at home! The easiest and most practical way to do it is to add exercise to your daily routine. If you get up, brush your teeth and do some exercises before breakfast, your energy levels will be boosted. Then, right before bed, you can spend another five to ten minutes. Whether it is squats, jumping jacks, lunges, crunches, etc., you will soon see results if you are consistent. Furthermore, try to walk as much as possible: take a thirty minute walk every evening. It will calm you down, relax your mind and it still counts as movement!

Furthermore, as we already mentioned, you do not need to take two hours of your day in order to have an efficient workout. Squeezing in exercise in your daily routine is quite easy. Fifteen minutes in the morning, ten minutes in the evening: sounds really easy right? Just play some great music or your favourite TV show while working out, and you will not even feel the time passing. Still, it is a good idea to focus half of time only on the workout because that is how your brain will relax and release any pressure too.