Your Personal Sleeping Paradise


You know that the good quality sleep is essential for your health and happy life. But a good sleep sometimes is hard to achieve, because you have too many heavy thought in your head and you think all the time about your problems and issues that you have to deal with first time in the morning. Don’t allow yourself to overload your mind and body with problems right before bed. First of all, the sleep will be light, swimming on the surface and you will be in a place between sleeping and awake, which will keep you in constant worry, you will also use energy instead of gaining it from the sleep. And in the morning you will wake up tired and worried about all the things that you’ve thought about before falling asleep.

So, to have good quality, deep sleep, you have to calm down and relax completely before you fall asleep. This relaxing can be achieved if you take care about some things in the bedroom that will have calming and pleasant reaction to your mind and body. Check out the things that will help you to create your own sleeping paradise and start working on the changes:

Your bedroom must be painted in pleasant and calming colors. Such colors are sky blue, grass light green, purple, sand beige or sunset orange. All the colors must be dull, pastel and pale. Any bright colors will create the opposite effect in your mind. They will alarm the brain to be careful and on the alert. That’s why in the fast food restaurant everything is bright and the music is loud – because of the time. The colors and the sounds are forcing you to eat fast and to get away from that place, to find somewhere to relax. For creating such a peaceful place you should always search an inspiration from the Nature. That’s why the colors I mention before are so suitable for a bedroom color.

Control the scent. There are certain smells that calm the body, just like the lavender. The lavender scent is known for its healing properties and also has relaxing and soothing effect. Spray your pillow with lavender-scented perfume or put the plant in boxes in the window and smell it before you go to bed. You can also buy lavender candles and light them up while you are having a shower, the effect will be amazing.

Another great trick for creating a relaxing environment for your sleep is to remove the TV from the bedroom. A TV in the bedroom keeps your brain awake and interested, it can’t relax at all, and that’s why you have to remove it. Watch some TV in the living room, and when you feel sleepy, go in your bedroom and sleep. Also a relaxing book will make you fall asleep even faster. Choose a book which have light and not complicating plot, just a few pages will make you sleepy and calm, and that will prepare you for your healthy sleep.

Keep your bedroom clean and in order. The mess will make you feel that you are in a hurry, but if everything is organized you will feel like your job is done and you finally can lie down and relax. So, remove the old magazines from the night stand, put the clothes in the wardrobe and arrange your desk. You will sense the difference.

I hope these tips convinced you that the environment has a huge reaction to your sleep, is your personal sleeping paradise ready?