10 Ideas on Maximizing Space in Small Apartments

Maximize space in small appartment

Many people need in their homes both mirrors and some jewelry storage. And a full length mirror might actually take too much space in your room especially if it is a small one. The same applies to those beautiful jewelry boxes we all dream of owning. But there is a solution – you can always use the frame of your full length mirror as a storage for your jewels. Just get the mirror and the frame separately and put in some hinges on the sides. That way the frame panels will open up and there you can put hooks and store a lot more than you can imagine.

Crates are something anyone can easily find and on a budget and if you bargain with a local store, some people will be okay to give them out for free. But free or not they are on the low budget side. Also with them you need some binder clips. Then you can build something like a shelving in any shape you would like. Or in any shape that it will fit in your home. Also you can paint them crates and even binder clips any color you like, so they will compliment the interior in your home, rather than clash with it. Then you can put in books or anything else you want on display.

Most women tend to have one too many necklaces and bracelets and rings. As a whole the mixture of them all usually becomes one huge mess. And if I have to be honest sometimes I get crazy with all of that mess and no space or time to organize. But there is a simple solution – wall hanging storage. It can look as the one on the picture with hooks. Or it can be on a picture frame with ropes and many others. You just have to know what you want and than you can find numerous solutions online.

Although our small apartments might look too tiny sometimes, there is always a solution you haven’t thought of. Instead of buying a bed frame you can build one. An expedite bed frame can be build from 3 (or 4 or 5 depending on how big you want your bed) book shelves from the most simple type in Ikea. Then you just put your mattress on and you have your bed with storage. It is a perfect place for books and similar stuff. Or you can get some baskets and put them in, then you store whatever you like.

A storage bench is something that not many people do and I don’t know why. Most people try to put a bench near their doorway. It is a place where you sit to take off or put on your shoes. And it is comfortable. But now think about it – you already take space with it, why not getting one that is always a cupboard. That way you can put shoes in or other stuff you don’t have any space for. And the good thing is that nowadays many different designs can be found, suitable for every home.

Storage baskets can save you sometimes. But then they take up space. Although you can put much stuff in, sometimes as much as you put away you have to cope with. But have you ever thought of hanging some fabric storage baskets on the wall? They are perfect for a kids room. But actually you can store anything in. also if you are into DIY project you can make them yourself. You only need to find a place to hang them.

I love spices and I cook a lot with them. But let’s be honest – they take up space in the kitchen. I have a kitchen that is around 4 square meters – literally. And I always feel like it is too cluttered. But I found a solution to one of my struggles – a magnetic spice rack. Instead of taking a whole cabinet to put in those spices you just use the outside of one or a wall to build the magnetic rack. It is easy to build and then it is easier to cook because everything is close to grab.

This became a trend recently. And how could it not. We all have quite so many bottles and jars in our kitchens. And most of them we need on a daily basis. But the space is minimized. So many people use small spaces that are left in between the fridge and the wall or between two other pieces of furniture and build a slider storage. It is thin, easy to use and even easy to build. So how can you not take advantage of that?

One of the things people often lack in their home is seating space. Although of source your home is not a place where you must seat 30 people, it is easier and comfortable to have more sitting space, especially if you are a person who likes quest. Something I really do like and find useful are the ottomans. You can always use them as decoration and to seat people. But then you can use them also as storage. You can either buy ottomans that work as a storage or you can make them. They can add up to the interior of your home and make it even cozier.

Other than jewelry one of the biggest problems any woman has are her shoes. They are usually a lot more than a dozen and there is no space for them (nor there is time to wear them all, but that is another topic). Shoes that are put in boxes usually take too much space. But if you are like me and you mostly wear heels there is a simple solution – tension rods! You can always find some small space to put them – between to walls. Then you just hand your heeled shoes on them and you have a beautiful storage-display!