14 Curious Facts about Swimsuits

woman in swimsuit

1946 – that’s the year when a woman wore two parts swimsuit for the very first time. She was a stripper.

As we know what is the condition of the nudity and the morals among people these days, I decided to reveal you some curious information about the swimsuits during the years.

  • The first prototypes of swimsuits as we know them today were invented at the beginning of the 20th century, but the fabric went really heavy when dampen, which lead to sliding off the body.
  • But even though the two parts swimsuit was invented, during the 20th century, women who wore this type of swimsuit were arrested for disturbing the peace and the law.
  • The bikini swimsuits were presented for the first time in the 1946 year. And as the journalists said: they revealed everything but your mother’s name.
  • The first swimsuit with animal print was invented in 1950 year and their commercial was: If you can’t drive a Jaguar, wear it! I think it is highly doubtful that a swimsuit can replace the feeling of driving a Jaguar.

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  • The fancy swimsuit comes to live in 1950 too when the first expensive swimsuit was sold for $1000. It was in nude color, covered with crystals.
  • The craze about the swimsuits brought trends like going to the beach, wearing glasses, hats and all other kinds of beach accessories for a beach look. The diversity was huge.
  • In 1960 comes to life the spandex fabric – it is light and allows fast drying out of the swimsuit.
  • The term Mayo is used to call the whole swimsuit, it comes from French dictionary and means ‘wrapped around clothing fully’. This word is officially accepted in the international dictionary in 1928.
  • Tyra Banks is the first skin colored model, shot for the cover of Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 1997. The second one is Beyoncé in 2007.
  • The most famous frame with swimsuit still remains that of Ursula Anders in the James Bond movie when she comes out of water in white swimsuit of the designer Honey Ruder. The year is 1962, and notice – still up to date!
  • Muslim women now can wear swimsuits on the beach. The design of the swimsuit is called Burkina. It is made by Lebanese designer in 2007 and it is one really tight mayo, which covers the whole body and the head. Only the face remains uncovered. Alongside with that, a woman was arrested because she wore a similar swimsuit. The Parisian women believed that it is highly unsanitary if the whole body is covered like that.
  • When the Barbie doll appears in 1959, her first outfit was a mayo swimsuit whit white and black stripe.
  • In 1960 the popular song ‘Itsy-Bitsy Teenie-Weenie Yellow Polka-dot Bikini’ helped for the incredible marketing of the bikini swimsuit, which turns into a mainstream design.
  • Today the fabric, which is used for the swimsuits is protecting the skin from the UV rays and blocks the rays up to 98%.