5 Mistakes Women Make After a Break-up


Let’s be honest, at some point in our lives, we have made mistakes, especially when it comes to men. Break ups are always hard even if you were the one who wanted to finish things up. You just have spent a long time with someone, you did some things together, for sure you will miss him. In their desperation women make a number of mistakes without thinking about them. Here are the top 5 mistakes women make after a break-up. So, just try to avoid them.

  1. Sharing your pain in the social networks

You are so mad, or sad that you want somebody to listen to you. So, you pick the Internet because it is a patient listener and does not speak much. Also, you want to tell your ex how you feel without directly addressing him. But keep in mind that not only your closest friends will read your posts and listen to the sad songs you upload. So, after your sadness is gone you will remember what you have done and the only feeling left will be embarrassed.

  1. Stalking your ex

You cannot stop checking his profile in the social media. And you keep thinking “Who’s that woman who lies his pictures?”. Or you keep asking his friends about him and the women around him. Do not do this. Stop viewing his pictures, stop thinking about him. Out of sight, out of mind – this is the golden rule. And you will see how much better you will feel after it.

  1. Your memories

You won’t move on if you keep thinking about your memories together like listening to “your” song, or watching the first movies you saw together. I do not suggest you should delete any data on your computer or throwing out all of the presents your ex gave you. Just put them in a box, a file on your computer and you can only open it when you have moved on.

  1. Taking decisions you will later regret

You take such decisions in the spare of the moment. You just have decided you need something new in your life, something you need to change and then you cut your hair or you dye it, move to another city or even country. You might even quit your job because you were colleagues. Why should do, change your entire life because of a single period in your life that is now over? Think about it.

  1. Not wanting to let go

After a break up you have a small hope that you and your ex will be back together. You just fool yourself and do not want to see the truth. You are not coming back together and this really is a good thing. You should just move on, living in the past and fooling yourself won’t help. If you should be with this person, then no matter what you do and if not, you will find the right one for you. Do not worry and depress, you just need some time.