Advice For All The Future Brides


A wedding day is as important as hell. After you plan the whole event you have to get down to business with your look. Because let’s face it – everyone is going to look at you. And you have to look your best and feel your best. But what does that mean? I guess there is no definite thing I or anyone could say. It is all about your inside feeling.

It is important to firstly have a date for the wedding, a place and all of that fuss. Then we can start talking about everything else. So where to start?


After you have got your wedding location, you can start worrying about the dress. Never ever should the dress come before the place you are getting married at. Because you could be wearing something very, very vintage at way too modern place and stuff like that.

You should have your dress not later than two to three months prior to the wedding. No matter what you dress style is and if it is a typical wedding dress, your outfit should be set. This way you can think about all of the rest like makeup, hair, jewels and much more. When you start searching for a dress don’t stop at trying on dresses that you have only imagined. Try out very different styles, because you might be surprised when you find your dress.

Also think about the fact that many wedding boutiques could be attended only if you have an appointment. So make one in the prior and save your day. It is better not to go to more than 3 stores. Or you will go crazy. Search online and chose one place at first, that you love the most. If you don’t have luck there, probably you can go on to the next place.

The most important thing though – feeling good in your dress. Don’t listen to anyone in the shop or all of your friends that you brought with you. Just leave it to all of your senses. Imagine yourself walking down that aisle, in your location, with all the guest and your guy standing there. It should just feel right.

The accessories

Would you like to wear a veil, gloves, headpieces. If you are not sure about any of those things – you are lucky because when you have your consultation about the dress you would be consulted about that too.

A veil should not be overpowering you. Or the dress. It should be complimenting you. If your dress is very simple you could carry of a very powerful veil.

I wouldn’t advise you to wear gloves, unless your wedding is in the winter at a very cold destination. Otherwise, I don’t get the glove mania. First of all it wouldn’t be easier for you to have those on.

The head pieces are okay with almost any dress. But not with any face or any hair. It should be only complimenting you.

Shoes and underwear

Before your dress gets tailored you should most definitely first have your shoes and your underwear. This is because something might change once you have those.

Shoes – they should be as high as you feel okay with. But okay doesn’t mean what you feel okay looking with what, but what you can walk with and so that you don’t have to take off your shoes at the middle of the party.

And as of the underwear, the most important thing is that it CAN NOT be seen. If you are wearing a strapless dress, get a strapless bra. If your dress is body con – get underwear that doesn’t show underneath and make bumps. If you dress is backless – figure that out.

Once you have both the shoes and the underwear, your dress could be perfectly tailored, without a mistake.

Hair and makeup

Once you have your dress you can easily figure out the hair and the makeup. You probably know what looks best on you. Don’t over do it though. You makeup should be soft and subtle. Avoid fake eyelashes and too dark or black eyes. This will look too much for a white dress. And the hair should be simple. If you like your hair up – do that. This way you will feel comfortable.

Of course every woman has her sense about her own look. And that is okay. That is what makes us unique. But remember you can not attend your wedding without having at least once your look done from top to bottom – that includes having your makeup, hair and also your dress on. This way you will see if something is wrong with the hair and makeup and it doesn’t go well with everything else. You also can have a test shoot to be sure.