How to Look Flawless on Your Wedding Day: Step-by-Step Guide


It is probably every woman’s dream to have a wonderful wedding day, as if it is a fairy tale. Everything has to be flawless and everybody needs to be happy, except for some of the more emotional guests, most of whom are close relatives, who will be in tears when the bride and the groom say their vows. Many people say that this is only one day and goes like the wind, but the one thing that does not last only one day and which is also connected to the wedding is its preparation. If you want everything to be perfect, then you should start all the preparations early if you want to be “the fairest of them all”. This guide will show you all you need to do on the best day of your life and when you should start with the preparations.

8 months before the wedding

If you have that much time before the wedding (some couples decide to get married three to four months after the proposal), you need to dedicate it to having the perfect body on that day. You should figure out your diet and, of course, fitness plan, so that later when you look at pictures not to regret what you had done, but to actually be proud of yourself. Starting early will also help you lose weight and keep fit with a slow pace and not to rush everything. You can start by doing simple exercises and them, constantly, make them more and more intense. The same goes for your diet. Since you will have enough time, there is not need to rush things up, and completely forget about your favorite meals.

Another thing you should do at this time before the wedding is to talk to your colorist, that is, of course, you dye your hair regularly. You should have in mind when exactly to color your hair if you want the perfect hue for your wedding. And if you want to completely change your color for the wedding, then again this will be the perfect time to experiment with your hair. If you do not like the color, you can wait a little and then go for that old one you are used to. After all the big day deserves perfect hair color.

6 months before the wedding

In this period you will start thinking more about your hairstyle and not only about its color. Choose a hairstyle for the wedding, or at least have a vague idea about what you will want, so that you can calculate what hair length you should have. Some hairstyles need longer hair, while with the other you would not have to be afraid if your hair is a bit shorter. So, at this point you can chop your hair because you will give it time to grow back a little.

At this time of the preparations you should also start thinking about your skin if you want to look flawless and not have any zits. One thing you should do if think about what you it and if it causes your skin some problems. The other thing is to start using special face creams or even better to attend a dermatologist. A professional dermatologist can give you the best advice for your skin and what procedure to try.


4 months before the wedding

At this stage of the preparations you should think not only about your skin having no flaws but also about your complexion. In other words, make sure that you have even complexion. If you have the chance you may go sunbathing (and do not forget to put enough sun cream on your body). And if these 4 months before your wedding happen to be in the winter, well then there is also a lot of solarium studious when you can do go and have the dream tan you want.

If you have a longer set of lashes for your wedding, this is the time to start doing it. Of course, there is also the possibility that you use false lashes, but they won’t be that natural. Nowadays there are a lot of serums for growing out your lashed, and the good thing is that they actually work.

2 months before the wedding

Two months before the wedding you must schedule your makeup and hair trial. After all, you should make sure that everything is perfect and it won’t hurt if you make sure you have enough time to decide what hair and makeup you would want for your wedding. Make an appointment with your makeup artist and your hairdresser. If you do not like your hair or makeup you will have enough time to try different things until you find the perfect one for you.