Reasons Why You Should Skip Your Wedding

do you need a wedding

If you are the traditional romantic kind of girl, you have probably pictured your wedding day since you were a little girl, with the big, white dress, beautiful weather and the man of your dreams.

In that case, the title of the article has probably scandalized you completely. But bear with us and read the following lines carefully.

We are not saying that marriage itself is not a big deal: it is a manifestation of your love and a demonstration of the commitment you are taking up.

Still, nowadays, after all the romantic comedies, the thousands of pictures on social media and lots of expectations, weddings have become a crazy fuss..that sometimes ends up being an awful experience because of the months of preparation.

I remember how my mother, an extremely organized woman, was so terrified by the thought that she had to organize my brother’s wedding in four months. That sounds like a lot of time, but when you have to take care of so many things like flowers, food, venue, dress, guest list, etc. and make all these little choices and still want it to be perfect, it is simply not worth it.

So why should you actually skip the big wedding celebration?

First of all, you will be able to save up on a huge amount of money. Even if your parents are offering to pay, you can always take the money and spend them on something better, like a great vacation to an exotic destination or invest them in a business or get a car!

It is possible that you spend about $20,000 even if you save up on a few of the things, like skipping on a designer wedding dress, making your own invitations and not going on a honeymoon.

Secondly, you will not have to think for days who to skip on inviting when you want to keep it a normal-sized wedding. Usually, these types of events involve the presence of many distant relatives you have seen once in your life, while you forget to invite someone who actually counts…and then they get offended.

A small wedding implies that you can actually see everyone, get a chance to speak to all the guests and have a great time. Besides, no one can get mad if you say: I had a small wedding of twenty people, I am sorry. Full-stop.

Next, if you keep it small and simple, you might be able to pay for it entirely on your own. What are the perks of that, you will ask? Well, when you rely on your parents as your sponsors, you will have to take into account their opinions and ideas of what the music or decorations should be.

On the contrary, when you are paying, you can do it your own way and be satisfied with what happens in the end.

Last, big weddings are not romantic at all. They are stressful, and they make you forget about the primary reason why they are happening: to celebrate love. It is not a birthday or other celebration that requires lots of noise. No, they exist to show that you have found your soul mate and he or she is all that you need.